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No Smoking Day
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Back at the beginning again

My blip at the end on May quickly resulted in me smoking socially, then before you know I was back on the evil things.

I started my journey again yesterday. I cannot wait to clear the gunge that has reappeared at the back of my throat. I will be a lot less complacent this time. I have realised the rapid weight gain really got me down. I need to get the eating side right from the beginning because rightly or wrongly weight gain was a strong trigger for me to start smoking again.

My OH says he will quit after our holiday in August. It was tempting to wait until then to stop again. But I realised I did not want to spend another smoking. So here I am again. On a positive note, I will use the failed quit as a learning experience.

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Thanks, Chrissie. I will be much more alert to the nicotine monster this time.


hello Ellie,

bet you do it this time:)

I had so many quits that failed. sneaky ones outside and hidden -then the full blown smoking again.

but always a voice in my head saying you have to do it for real soon.

lots of info and wise words and concern on this forum-and I have been smoke free for a while.

you have your head around this now and I wish you all the best. not good luck

you are making your own :):)


Hi ellie

Its so hard to get back up and on a quit again..And I for one understand how youve been feeling.......well good for you to have made this choice, this time for keeps right..Be with you all the way ..Good luck:)


Hi Elain, Just when you think it’s safe that right Bas**** Nicco Demon slinks up from nowhere and catches you unawares, your decision to stop now and not wait till august tells me you are stronger to be able to quit now and not wait for OH, I take my hat off to you.

This time you will have the benefit of the last few months to make you more focused, also you now know that you cannot have one puff let alone a full cig, you have learnt the hard way but I’m sure that this time you will be in total control, use the forum and take all the support you can get, I hope hubby carries out his quit after hols but if he doesn’t try not to let it influence your quit, you know that you wouldn’t be here now if you didn’t want to be a none smoker take care and enjoy you hols.


Hi Ellie

You're back at the beginning and I'm right at the beginning not sure what's worse? :rolleyes:

I'll follow your quit, I am interested in knowing where the traps lie and hopefully to manouver round these when they take me by surprise. You've been through this so you way ahead of me. Advising me and others what to expect will reinforce skills you already have and will help you succeed. You gonna do it this time!




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