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I am back again


On day 1 today after doing well earlier in the year I went back to the dreaded weed and was smoking more than ever and coughing every morning like an old hack!

I am sticking to the NOPE theory this time because just having the 'one' whilst having a glass of wine led me straight back to the habit and it was worse than ever, it was like I know I need / want to quit again so going to smoke, smoke, smoke until that day arrives.

Its my 1 year wedding anniversary today so this is the day I have chosen as my husband dislikes my smoking and is worried about my health. I think in however many years it will be great to say this is our 5th anniversary and my 4th year of not smoking.

I hope everyone else is doing well?


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Hi dottie, good on you for having another bash at it. Its all about keeping on trying. You'll never give up if you never try.

Good luck

Hi Dottie :)

its good to see you have started your quit again keeping a positive mindset will certainly help to keep you focused

look forward to reading your posts


Carol x

Good Luck Dottie:D

You can do it.

Hi Dottie

Good Luck!!. That glass of wine was my always my downfall too - I always said to my self I'll quit but still let myself have one if I'm drinking - haha like I was gonna stick at that.

Well I had a few glasses of wine over the weekend - and guess what it was really nice to drink and not smoke and it was so nice not to have a crappy chest the next day and funnily my head felt a lot clearer too.

You can do it!!!!


Thanks Rachel and yes the vino has always been my downfall and I know have some clear weeks with no social things planned to really get stuck in

Day 3 today:)


Welcome Dottie.

Kissing's great without the weed - ask your hubbie;) Just one of the many benefits.

Enjoy your anniversary.


How u finding it dottie? how long did u give up for earlier in the year?


I am now on day 4 and am finding it relatively easy but then know from previous attempts that it is a couple of weeks in that I let my guard down and think one wont hurt - but this time I do know better.

My longest quit was ten years ago and was 3 months, this year I did 2 months and then kept trying and failing so left it until I felt properly ready again and that is now.


Glad to see you back again Dottie and thanks for your comments in our Dolly's Mixtures thread :D

NOPE really does work, stick to it this time and this will be your forever quit :cool:

Glad to see you back again Dottie and thanks for your comments in our Dolly's Mixtures thread :D

NOPE really does work, stick to it this time and this will be your forever quit :cool:

What does NOPE do?

What does NOPE do?

Not One Puff Ever.

This forum is littered with people who, after quitting for some time, thought that one wouldn't hurt and they could handle it and go back to their quit, only to find that in no time at all they were fully blown smokers again.

Smokers are like alcoholics, one is never enough and inevitably leads to full blown addiction again.

That is exactly what it is like Captain - you have to treat this as a proper addiction because that it was it is and even one puff will get you back into the grasps of it.

I love the no smoking Dottie and dislike the smoking Dottie - the two are hardly recognisable as the same person. I look, smell and am better when I do not smoke and this is going to be it now. THE REAL ME IS BACK.


Well done for giving it another go , it took me many attempts and fails. each time i took up smoking again it just wasnt as good as i thought it would be and i realized that i was better off not smoking . Better off and feeling better, i just didnt know how good until i lost it. Once you start this quitting mullarkey, thats it , you can never be a contented smoker, you'll always wonder what its like to quit for a month, 6month, a year.

Well iv learned for myself that its worth persevering with and giving it a chance until eventually its not hard to stay quit anymore. A contentment builds up inside you and one day it just fills you and smoking is something you wouldnt even consider. all those days of saying no turn into one great big solid uncompromising NOPE. There is no sacrifice, just getting something better. the best part is that life loves you up for it.


Welcome back Dottie, this could definitely be the one. You can use everything you learned from your last quit and put it to good use in this one. Good luck and NOPE.:)

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