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week 3

Well thought i better come back and let people know i managed to make it to week 3.

Daughter ended up having an emergency C section early hours of last wednesday morning. Mother doing well. Baby weighed in at 4lb 60z. Little girl 6 weeks early. Turns out she had stopped growing couple weeks ago as the placenta had stopped doing its job so she is even smaller than a normal 6 week prem baby. Doing as well as can be expected.

Been so busy running about that not had time to think of cigs.:D

Be back later


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Ahhh Jane :)

congrats on staying smoke free through such a stressful time

and a big congrats on becoming a grandma :D

so glad your daughter is doing well and im sure your granddaughter will soon be upto weight and going home soon what is her name?

wilbe looking out for your updates


Carol x


Jane congrats on the birth of your grandaughter and so pleased to here bay and daughter doing so well. Massive well done for staying of the fags at a very stressgfull moment.



Great to hear things are working out well Jane!

It sounds like you're really on the right track, so keep it up now, ok?



Well done Jane & congratulations too :)


Congratulations Jane and well done on staying smoke free. Get out the knitting needles and that will keep your hands busy :-)


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