No Smoking Day

Day two of the strong stuff

Well this is the second day of the strong Champix and so far so good, as yhou champix users know i have steadily been upping my dosage and so far not had one side effect, was expecting some on the strong ones but so far so good.

A few tips for Champie takers that are suffering with side effects, take with a glass of water followed by hot drink, and always ensure you eat breakfast same time, not a little but enough to feel completely full!! same as the evening, take a few hours before bed to aviod the bizzare dreams. seems to work for me!!

Sunday is the D day, so bring it on!!!!


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Hi Derek,

good to hear you're on track mate!

Just for the record, would you mind explaining to a noddy what your D-day is? - Thanks

HI Mate, D day was sunday meaning DOOM day lol its just a saying here in UK but it was no where near as bad as i thought it was goig to be :-)




Good luck for Sun... Today is my quit day i thought how better spent than reading others inspiration!


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