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DAY 8 (strong CHAMPIX)

Hello, on the 8th day now. Need to pick quit day before next mon (9th Aug).

Originally going for tommorrow, but not sure im ready.

Champix kicking in though as i felt sick as a dog yesterday and only had 5-6 fags. Was pleased with that.

No real bad side effects either, just bit sicky and mental dreams (dreamt the new Arsenal striker chamakh was starting at my work and i had to train him, kinda expected him to be in the warehouse today waitng for me!)

Got a tangle thing to fiddle with from the NHS quit pack, good pack this is.

Free also and has good leaflets and info to help us.

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Hi Alfie

Don't rush your quit date - you'll know when you're ready :) I got the quit kit too and still have my tangle - spent my first few days playing with it :D I used my wall chart too - may seem sad but I found it kept me motivated and I like giving myself stickers :)

Enjoy your dreams - I miss mine :(


Hi Alfie

Not be long now until your desire to smoke just seems to fade away ;) Still good to set a quit date though. The packet instructions recommend the approximate quit date yes? I can't remember.

Keep an eye on how "mental" the dreams get (are you losing sleep?) and how puke you feel/loss of your appetite. The assumption seems to be these are acceptable side effects? Really? If they get too intense speak to your GP about your options. They can adjust the dose of Champix. You will know if things are cool and the gang or not :D

Sounds like you're enjoying your dreams just now :) Long may they be the nice kind.

Quit day coming soon, hang in there.



Hi Alfie, I had to laugh at the dream as I quit from day one CT and still had the most weird dreams I have ever had some funny some totally freaked me out but eventually they subsided, as Andrew said the sleep can also be a problem as my sleep pattern has yet to return to normal, I am sure that you are now in control of your quit and will keep an eye on how you feel but as I said earlier in Andrews post the champ and the quit in general affects us all so differently and we all have a different take on it, make sure you get plenty of fluids as well there is a link on my sig about water, it really helped me to make 7 + months, so good luck and keep using the forum it is so good.


Champix day 7


I'm new here but im really glad i read these posts, I have just started day 7, still smoking albeit makes me feel a bit sick sometimes, getting headaches alot, feel generally crap and knackered but otherwise great haha!!

I thought i would want to give up by now or not want to smoke as much but reading the posts it looks like after i start the blue tabs (tomorrow) then things will start to change.

I really hope i can quit, I think more will power than expected is going to be needed but I'm getting my head in gear!!

Been smoking 20+ for the last 20 odd years so it's gonna be a challenge!!




Hi Mark and welcome.

I smoked right up to day 14 - the end of the starter pack and felt no desire to quit at all :( It wasn't til I actually stopped smoking that I became aware of what the champix was doing and that was taking my need to smoke away. You will need some willpower but personally I think that's good - it can feel a little too easy sometimes! Good luck and let us know how you're doing :)


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