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So day 27 woo!!

Okay first off I really don't want any judgement but I have my medical marijuana card so it's legal for me to smoke weed in my state. So last night I hung out with an old friend and we were watching movies and he pulled out a blunt. (made out of a swisher sweet wrap) My usual methods for smoking green are vaporizers. But last night it felt as my stomach flipped and I got watery mouth and gag cough from it. So I thought about why this is happening and I asked my friend if there was any nicotine in the blunt wrap & his response was they are made out of tobacco. So with that in mind I was very irritated with the fact that a small amount of nicotine just entered my body. I'm still considering it day 27 today because it wasn't a cigarette it's self and I didn't know before hand. I pray I don't get that stupid anxiety withdraws. I don't handle anxiety well. What do you guys all think about this?


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I think that if you're looking at smoking weed as a substitute for smoking regular cigarettes then you're definitely headed down the wrong path.

If you had already given up cigarettes for a significant amount of time, and felt confident about your quit, then I might have considered that a puff on a joint may not hurt, SO LONG AS THE TOBACCO DID NOT CONTAIN NICOTINE, but even then I would caution against making a habit of it.

I don't have any issues with people smoking weed, but I don't have enough experience to know the consequences of long-term marijuana usage. I do know, however, that it always made me ill, and quite frankly, anxious at times. I'm quite happy not to smoke it any more.

What is your actual question? What do I think?

I think you need to think about what you want, and think about how you will handle it.



The question here is are you still on day 27. I would think so. You didn't know about the tobacco so that clears you. I shouldn't think it would be enough to give you any anxiety attacks.



No I smoke weed only for my back. I got into a car accident and the only medication that works for me was cannabis. Its definitely not a subsitute for cigarettes at all. I'm mainly concerned that there could have been nicotine and was more curious if people have came acrossed this question/issue.


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