No Smoking Day
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No smoking for me on hols yeah!!

Hi guys, if anyone had read my last thread from month 1 they would remember that I was a bit worried about going on my hols with smokers, but I have to say I made it without a puff!! YEAH,

I even stayed in a smokers house and I have to say that the smell of stale smoke really made me all the more determined to never go back on them> Now I am thinking about stopping the champix but dont want to jump the gun, anyone any thoughts??

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:) well done thats a great achievement having your first holiday as a none smoker and especially staying in a smokers house :eek:

i know when i went to my mates place last year it stunk and made me feel really sick

im sure someone wilbe along to advise you with the champix side


Hi Sabfrench

Well done on your first non smoking holiday - I'm sure it's the first of many :D

Personally I'd say don't rush to get off the Champix early - it's designed as a 12 week course so that you're in a stronger place when you stop taking them. I was desperate to come off them early but stuck it out to 11 weeks and was glad I did in the end as I had a fair few wobbly days just after I hit the 2 month mark. If you're feeling OK on them carry on for a bit :)


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