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No Smoking Day
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Cravings Fooled me, Smoked again.

Hi, I won't bore you with the details but yesterday, a mixture of an expensive mechanical breakdown & then a few hours of boredom got the better of me.

I went into a garage & bought a packet of cigs.:(.

I smoked 2 while waiting for a lift home, 3 more in the evening & 6 today.

I have now broken the rest up & am trying to get my thoughts ready to face day 1 again tomorrow.:mad:

I know it will be easier tomorrow as I am back at work.

When I've got nothing to do, or am doing things that I find boring, the craving becomes it's strongest.

I've not enjoyed any of the cigs & I feel worse..not better.

Thanks for all your help so far. Sorry MMQ..1 less now. But I know I'm gonna be the only one jumping overboard!! So hang in there!:D

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Hi Ytene,

Its happened to most of us so we all know how you feel.

Well done on jumping straight back on the wagon though

Keep strong love!

Lottie -x-


Not let down

Hey, you haven't let us down at all.... Just disappointed for u really.

Good on u though for starting again tomo...... You are very determined and will get there.....Also the fact u didnt enjoy the cigs, what does that tell u??

Good luck for tommo:p


I'm impressed you threw the rest out and you are back on board.... you don't disappoint anyone here..... we have all had our stumbles (mine was day 10) BUT you have just made your quit harder and a bit longer...... so watch out.... don't let it be your way out again next time. Be strong and commit!! Go all the way, don't give yourself an out next time!!!


Hi Alan :(

I am so sorry you let those craves + boredom convince you that you needed to smoke yesterday, when you'd been doing so well

I am glad you've got rid of the rest of them and must admit to being really pleased that you didn't enjoy them and also that you don't feel better for it

I don't mean that in a nasty way but because now you will be able to resume your quit more easily today


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Climb back on and start again. At least you didn't enjoy them and threw the rest out. Look forwards, read the links and find the positive in becoming a non smoker. xx


1. You threw the little trixsters away with their shiny cellophane and come and smoke me ways.

2. You didn't enjoy smoking them.

3. You posted on here and told everyone.

I call that a blip, not a failure.


I call that a blip, not a failure.

I know this is harsh -but bear with me.

I beleive that there is no difference between a blip and a failure. Non smokers don't smoke. I believe that truly and totally. I believe that you have to have that mindset to remain free.

If you want to be a non smoker, don't smoke. It is a choice, everytime you smoked in your life you made a choice to do so. You could have chosen not to, but you didn't.

You need to make a different choice if you wish to be a non smoker. You have to choose to NOT smoke everytime the choice is presented to you. You have to ride through the tough times to get to the easy times and no matter what happens in your life you have to choose not to smoke.

Onto the good bit. You can choose to jump straight back onboard and start again, you can forget about the failed attempt and move onwards - learning from past mistakes and using them to make the next quit more successful.

A "blip" sounds insignificant, unimportant. It is important. It is vital you learn from it, why it happened and use it to be successful.

Non smokers don't smoke.

According to the first of StuartH's rules....

1) A cigarette cannot help anything.

Did smoking help the situation? Did it do anything except make an expensive problem even more expensive?

The second rule is......

2) A crave will pass whether or not you smoke.


Sorry to hear about your slip! But as the others have said, you have decided to get straight back at it! so well done for that!! Don't let them win.... remember, they have no IQ to trick you... you can only trick yourself ;)


Hi alan, ive only just read your posts, and hey dont be too hard on yourself, everyone who quits, will have to go through this process to learn and move forward, your not the first and definately wont be the last.

You are stronger than you think, you have got straight back on the quit wagon and come on here, be positive, you want to be a non smoker and you can do it!

And heres the best bit, once an MMQ Crew member - always an MMQ Crew member!

Keep smiling, :)



Get back on board


Its very disappointing I know, and you will hate yourself for a while. But believe me I have had more quit attempts than I care to think about. But you know what, each time I fail (and harsh as it may be, I believe if you have smoked during your quit, you have not quit !!!) I get right back on board and try again !!!!






Ebt i hope you are still keeping strong put there !!


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