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Easy first 24 hours!!

Hello everyone from Gozo,

7th/8th July 2012...my quitting weekend!

My last cig was at noon on 7/7 and now, 24 hours have passed. I found it incredibly easy going. Worse to come I suspect.

Smoked 20 a day, or occasionally a pipe, for the last 6 years but before that had quit for almost 9 years. I re-started not through stress but simply because I enjoyed a smoke.

I've done it before (but failed) and I hope I can do it again! (and succeed) My worst enemy will be my own character telling me, "If you wanna enjoy a smoke Phil, then go ahead, there's far worse in life"

I'm using the 'carrot' of a cig money jar combined with stubborn will power.

Good luck to everyone.

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Well done on getting through the first 24 hour..I'm on day 9 of champix.day one of quitting :)


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