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Hello All. First post. Day 24


Hi everyone. This is my first post. I've been reading for a few weeks, a great help to stay motivated.

I quit on the 1st feb and I'm using patches. So far so good in relation to cravings. I have not really experienced cravings but any I have have been overcome with a few deep breaths.

The side effects are bothering me though. I have never been so tired since I quit smoking. I have always had low energy and it was a large part of the reasons I quit because I knew I was adding to my lack of energy because I smoked. I also kept saying that I could not try and get fit until I quit. I walk about 45 mins a day to and from work but I did no other exercise.

So when i quit on the 1st I started on the exercise bike in the evenings and eating healthier food (after the first 4 days of eating everything in sight!!).

I expected to be feeling more energy from not smoking and also more energised after the small bit of additional exercise. It's not the case. I am so so so so tired. I'm nearly falling asleep at my desk and can't function when I get home from work in the evening. At first I was sleeping fine but now I'm relying so hard to get a good nights sleep but I'm waking 4 or 5 times a

night and it's adding to my tiredness.

I'm still very confident about my quit but I'm worried that my extreme tiredness will affect my resolve going forward.

Ok rant over!! Proud of my first post!!

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Hello Finito

Me too. Exhausted, knackered, lacking in energy and generally lethargic, all the exact opposite of what I expected.

But, like you say going back is not an option. I'm just trying to work through it and hope that one day (soon please) I'll wake up and be bouncing off the wall.

A few days behind you, but hopeful ther'll be someone out there whose been through this and can tell us that it'll change soon!

Hello Finito and welcome -

I am right there with Dale; I am a bit in front of the pair of you and kept waiting for the magic to happen; it didn't. By 10 p.m., I am falling asleep and that is not after a hectic day. Let's face it, lately, I am bordering on apathy, but it is slightly getting better. I was waiting for the lightswitch, but there is none. It just slowly changes. I actually walked a mile and a half this am and didn't shrivel up and die; my sleeping is interruped far less than it was earlier on, I can sometimes follow thru with a complete thought process.

Suppose we are all on different time frames, but getting all that stuff out of our system is hard work for our system. I doubt that our minds and our bodies have ever trained harder for something.

Ya, can't wait to be bouncing off the Walls!! I never had a smokers cough of other health problems so it really the energy levels I'm hoping will be my indicator of "since I quit I've noticed ..... And its great". I am using my bank card a lot less so happy with that!

Ok just tried out my wii fit for the first time to try a different type of exercise with the aim of a better nights sleep and it was comical!! I have it since christmas but first try today (I'm on a day off work!).

My balance is so bad. I kept falling off the balance board. Oh well if nothing else at least I have something different to focus on for a few weeks.


1. Stay cigarette free

2. My new goal as of 5 mins ago. Improve my balance!

Hi and well done on day 24, i am also on day 24 but i did have a little relapse on my 7th day when i had a drink. Im feeling pretty good and i joined a gym with all the money im saving, well 4 days of not smoking pays for my full months gym membership of £24. I am really happy that i made it this far and the cravings pretty much none existant now. Well done to everyone who as quit. ;)

I'm off to bed in a minute, I too am tired all the time but wish I could sleep through.

You are not alone :)

Thanks everyone for the welcome. It's also good to know that the sleep issue is a common one and that I'm not alone.

SLEEP TIGHT everyone!!

Hi All,

On Monday it will be 8 weeks quit (Cold Turkey) for me and it does get better. Yes I still have days where I feel tired but I had those before I stopped smoking. In the beginning I was coming home from work and going to bed for a couple of hours. My sleep pattern now is actually better than before I gave up. I don't wake at all in the night. I dream alot more now also but not bad dreams (think thats because i'm not using patches)

Just keep going and you will see more benefits along the way. The cravings have also died down now. I can go a whole day without having one.

This forum has been a god send. If i'm having a bad day I log on and I can see that i'm not the only one feeling that way.


Hi Finito,

Congratulations on getting to day 24 - almost a whole month!

The sleep issue is definatley a common one. My sleeping pattern is only just beginining to resemble something akin to normal. The Champix weren't doing me any favours though!

Are you wearing a patch while you sleep? That can wreak havoc on a good night's rest and leaving you feeling rubbish in the morning. Taking the patch off a couple of hours before you hit the hay might help.

Best of luck with your quit.




I'm only wearing the 16 hr patch but might try taking it off a few hours before bed instead of when I go. Good advise.

I actually slept ok last night but I think that's more down to the fact that I took yest and today off work so was probably a lot more relaxed and did not have to do my 4 hour daily commute.......

I had an appointment this morn and did not put my patch on. I'm about to now but I'm wondering if I could go without. I'm down to the 10mg patch for the last week and a half so it might be a good idea to try.

My original plan was to come off them in another 3 weeks anyways.

Can't decide!

Try it. If it gets too much out it back on! :)

Decision made. I put the patch on....

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