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Here comes 11 months


Eleven calendar months on the 19th June, would have never believed it!!!!!

Feel great, no craves, had some good times had some bad times but had no fag times!!

I reckon you need to do the year to go through all the seasons, all the smells, all the annual triggers.

Just to re-emphasize to newer quitters, It was all over for me at about 7.5 months, the quit was complete, I had reached the state of mind where the fags were not an obsession, nor do I spend every waking hour wanting one, nor do I think life is not worth living without one.

Trust me one and all, the moment that we all think can't possibly exist.......actually exists.

You can't buy this feeling, you have to earn it, and the path is fraught with danger and deception.

You don't need luck, you need attitude -

Keep going everyone and see you in the penthouse in a month for few coldies

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Congratulations and that was a great post xx

:D well done pete thats a great positive post to read

wilbe looking out for you in the penthouse next month :)

Well done Pete the penthouse awaits:D

Attitude I like attitude:p


So true Pete great post and very true, I am getting to this stage now where smoking is not on my mind at all, reaching out for month 5 next week and feel quite calm now after that long journey, all the best to you xx

Awesome! Great job! I can't wait to be making posts like these. I am going to focus on attitude today for sure.


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