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The Blaaaahhhhs

Well yesterday (day 15) and today (day 16) I feel like I have a case of the blahs :( I feel really tired, no motivation, really quiet (very unusual) and if I smiled my face might crack!! Although I know Im feeling like this I cant seem to give myself a boot up the butt. A couple of things have happened (babysitter didnt show up last Friday had to cancel night out with bf and now babysitter for this Sat has cancelled too) that has p;eed me off, I handled the Friday night easily and with good grace, I was told about the Sat night today and that just triggered it and I threw a little bit of 2 year olds style tantrum LOL if I could have got down on the ground and banged my head and fists on the floor without the bf signing me in to the loony ward I would have! Interestingly I forgot to take my 2nd champix the last few nights so not sure if its that or just feeling a wee bit down in the dumps. Happy though that Im still handling each crave well, even while feeling quite uptight the last few days it hasn't been a problem repeating "I am not a smoker" when they come up (maybe 3 cravings a day max) is working great.

MUST BE IN BETTER FORM TOMORROW IM EVEN DEPRESSING THE CAT!!! :) Hope your all still doing fantabulous! xx

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Please don't depress the cat :-( Seriously it's amazing how little things become mountains. I would have been exactly where you are now if I didn't fall off the wagon but I'm back to day 4. I see you are in Scotland. Pity it's still too far away or I would babysit for you. We're all with you.


Thankfully Im feeling much better today. I actually had a docs app today for an unrelated matter but brought it up and he thinks its likely because I missed my evening tablet for a few days so a definate reminder not to forget it, it really makes a difference.

You may be back to day 4 Una but your still a quitter ;) never quit quitting is my motto! My head is right this time I must say, the Champix has definately helped, the few craves I have are not really craves, more memories and if I have a stressfull period Im still not automatically thinking "cigarette" which is amazing! You can do it Una!


The Blaaahs

Evening Angie, Michael from Glasgow scribbling over the ether. Hang on in there it might not seem like it at the moment but the trials and tribulations of the moment will pass believe me. You mention your 2 year old what a blessing it would be if they grew up with a Mum who didn't smoke don't you think. I was an extremely heavy smoker for 41/42 years mainly roll-ups so it can be done a day at a time. Myself I quit after a rather frightening health scare late Januarythis year which thankfully turned out to be angina. Fortunatley angina is reasonably easily controlled please but it means daily medication for life basically,don't let this be you.

Where about in West Lothian are you Bathgate/Livingston/Armadale

Myself I live in the partick area of Glasgow

Keep on quitting my girl




Hi Angie, Glad you have recovered. I didn't try champix so I don't know what happens if you don't take it. I'm doing great on the inhalator. I'm feeling happier about stopping smoking by the minute.

Michael, you are just up the road from me. I'm in Toryglen


Not the terrible 2's :eek: lol the girls are 8 and 4 :)

Im in bathgate Michael, lived here about 4 years, originally from Fife although dads side of the family all belonged Glasgow before moving for the mining.

Ive had a great day today and Im knackered! Gonna get some sleep, catch you all tomorrow.


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