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I woke up to a private message from someone offering to try and get the part for my machine in America. I was feeling so bad this morning and all of a sudden the world seems a brighter place. Isn't it great to know that there are such marvelous people out there!!!!!!! I bought the machine a few months before Singer gave up the ghost and they didn't even bring it out in UK. I hope that wonderful man is having an easy time with his quit because he deserves it.

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  • YYYYYAAAAAYYYYYYY. im so happy for you.


  • It certainly does!!!!!!!!!

  • ahh thats great to read Una :)

  • Sewing Machine

    Hello Una, Michael from Partick but originally from Clydebank home of one of the many Singer sewing machine factories writing. Do you happen to know where your sewing machine was manufactured I'm pretty certain it wasn't Clydebank as they manufactured mainly industrial machines. I know that a lot of the domestic models were made in Germany then Japan do do you know where your's was made. If the other fellow is unsuccessful in obtaining the part I have friends in Germany who may be able to help.


  • Hi Michael, It's a Singer made in Japan. Someone was telling me that the same thing happened to hers and she was told it was the motherboard when it was only 3 fuses inside. Trying to find someone who repairs embroidery machines here is very difficult. I'm thinking of opening it up myself and trying to find the fuses. I wish I could concentrate on something for more than 5 minutes. Week 3 is hard. My mum worked at the co-op biscuit factory in Clydebank for many years. Thanks for your message.

  • sewing machine

    Good evening Una whereabouts in Glasgow do you live? I went to infant school and junior secondary near the biscuit factory probably about 500 yards away. The bakery belonged to U.C.B.S. (united cooperative bakery services). I presently live in Partick do you live anywhere nearby if you do I am quite willing to have a lot at the sewing/embroidery machine for you.


  • Good evening Michael. I'm in Toryglen so not exactly round the corner. Used to pick mum up at the bakery when I lived in Helensburgh.

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