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Im starting to feel good

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New member just onto Week eight after 38years of 20a day and more if i went out with the girls.

No blips as yet HOWEVER. Was happy with my weight now put on 9lbs so not a happy bunny.

Exercise i hear you say. I am doing. Gym 3 times a week plus 2 Bodymax classes(exercises with barbells and weights) Someone please reassure me that muscle weighs more than fat. Apart from that i feel OK. Was on a course this week and was able to sit at coffeebreak with two people who were smoking and ended up going outside as I didnt like the smell. Hope that continues.The losenges have really helped me. Just want the appietite to diminish. Hopefully apart from taping up my mouth some of you will be able to give me some tips. All greatly appreciated Thanks in advance.

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Weight Gain

Excellent news - 8 weeks. Wow. You must be really proud

I did read that muscle is denser and therefore heavier then fat ... but you should not really be worried about that. You're fag free !!

Keep at it

WTG Im Free!!!!

Keep up the good work, its just going to get easier from here :) Even if you don't increase your food intake, you will gain a little bit of weight, because your body is no longer restricted in how much food it processes. Don't worry about a few pounds, you will lose it with the exercise, drink lots of water too. Remember, a few pounds is nothing compared to the damage smoking was doing to you. You would need to gain 50-100 pounds to get into the danger zone that smoking held you in. Keep your chin up, drink lots of water, spread your meals out over the entire day, and don't stop exercising. I am sure the weight will come off.


into month 2

4 weeks and 1 day now, with just one blip, but I think I have cracked it this time- I would feel so bad about going back to smoking

Feeling a bit down Sunday night- its never a good time for me- but cigs are now almost out of the equation.

Any body out there to keep me company?

Had a CO test at the docs on Friday- all green and just like a non smoker. Disappointed with myself tonight though, went for a run, lungs fine but the knees and ankles just found iy hard work and had to walk most of the way. I think I overdid it at the gym last week in my euphoria re quitting smoking. Hope they heal up as want to get out there and run on air.

Hope us all well and keep in touch!


4 weeks down

Hi all well thats 1st month over with.......only seems 4 weeks since started this no smoking lark lol......but already starting to forget more and more of ever smoking. Still get cravings now and again and just started on smaller NRT patches but hey this last month has definately been worth it......and actually feel proud to be non smoker(at present).

Keep going all....we know it makes sense........have a great week!:D

1 Month

Hi Ron / Geordie - great to hear you're both still fag free after 1 month.

Seems that people on this forum seem to be doing very well ... lets all keep at it.

To 'I'm free' two months is a great milestone, you must be so pleased! (I'm a day behind Ron & Geordie)

Regarding your post I can say that yup I've put on weight too, it's a big psychological smack in the face, going from feeling proud at giving up to just well 'ive cured one problem- and here's another'. I too am exercising and tring to eat healthier, however my advice would be keep at the exercise-(obviously don't overdoit) and just be patient (think I spelt that wrong! lol) Your average person aiming at losing weight though exercise would have to keep at it for around 3 months before a significant change and then it would have to be continued therafter to be maintained.

As people who are giving up smoking its likely we will put on weight through changes in metobolism or in my case replacing fags with food(!) However for whatever reason the weight's come on it will take the same effort to get rid of it... frustrating I know but it sounds like you already are a keen keepfitter so I think it will fall into place for you :)

Hi all, esp Bouyaa, Geordie, Carbon and the rest who kept me going- hope am not being too smug about all this- but its working- have put on a bit of weight- but I could do with that- who cares- no cigs!!!!

proud of you ron

keep up the good work! glad to hear you are still on the right track :)


we all getting there

:D Hi Ron, Bou, Viki, Carb and Boo, wow is it me or does there seem like loads more on this site and numbers growing with every day......must be a big date

Well me 2 having the munchies problem.......ate so many jelly babies coming up A1 last week that I actually was sick!

Anyway isnt it great that most of us now actually seem to be getting there with this no smoking lark.....been loads of downers I suppose, but 1 way or another we are winning.....keep it up all..."we know it makes sense".......big thumps up to us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Getting Busy

Hi All - yep it seems to be getting really busy on the site

Really happy to see that so many of us seem to be making a success of it. I really think this forum has helped me a lot so I am going to try to give something back if I can to people starting out.

Sometimes I cannot beleive I am fag free .... 21 days tommorrow!!! I never thought I'd be atthis stage.

My "love handles" on my waist seem to be getting bigger .... but I'll have to worry about that later. Main thing is to stay off the fags.

Maybe Geordie has the cure for keeping the weight off - just eat 50 or more jelly babies after each meal and take a trip on the A1. :)

Anyway, best of luck to all - see you in week 4 soon. :D :D :D

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