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Newbie Day 3


I found the forum yesterday but didn't really get chance to post anything.

This is day 3 for me, and I'm finding it really hard:(

I'm 49 now and been smoking since I was 11, so it just seems strange not to light up all the time.

I'm on the champix to help with cravings but find I am thinking about smoking all the time. I keep thinking just a couple of puffs will stop the cravings and make me feel better; then I remember why I'm doing this and I will not feel better in the long run:confused:

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Morning Cake , 1st of all , well done on your quit, but plz dont take a few puffs thinking it will majically make u feel better hun, .... it wont ... it will only kick the craving off worse cos uve attempted too feed ya demon ! im 51 and i been smokin since eleven , same as you ( we baaaadd aint we lol ) so i know how much u will struggle, but hey ya on ya 3rd day already :) !! keep fighting hun, and post n read till ya eyeballs fall out , lol, read read read and read again , good luck :) x


hey hello cakecorner

well done

day 3 is notoriously a bad day look up the terrible 3's will explain alot of how you are feeling

try to read as much information as you can will help so much knowing why you feel like you do on this journey and will make it easier to deal with

i can definately reassure you it does get better and easier by the day abit at a time but all those little bits add up to one great big improvement as time goes by

a few puffs will not help in anyway shape or form

my best advice is read read read and keep posting with any questions or just a rant there is always someone here to support you

stay strong



Well done on getting to day 3 Cake :)

its only habit that makes you think you need a ciggie and the fact that its been a constant companion in your life for so long

you need to try and concentrate on trying to keep your mind and hands busy for when a craving hits as it will pass

educating yourself on why you smoked will help alot of people write down there reasons for quitting and re read them everytime they feel a crave coming on

you can do it by thinking positive thoughts and try not to think too far ahead

ask yourself this

Do you really want a poisionous expensive white stick to be in control of your life?

your smoking mind will make excuse after excuse to continue you just have to ignore it

i have always seen my nicotine demon as a naughty spoilt child shouting and screaming for attention and at first it was hard to ignore him but the further along in my quit the more i was able to ignore him

he still has his moments but i just dont listen and his voice is getting quieter and quieter

keep posting on here and join a group that way then you will get even more support from people that are going through the same stage as you

onwards and upwards is the only way to go




Thanks for all your comments and support:)

Looking forward to a smokeless day 4:D


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