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day 1 on champix (as well!!)

Hi everyone, been here a few times, by that i mean on the forum,and day 1 of quitting.

Well took first tablet today, so watch this space, it also helps that i have got a really chesty cough and cold,I feel really positive and I'm gonna do this 43 years of age,and i want to live not smoke-then die...........

ps hello to everyone and good luck!!:):):)

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Good luck Baz! Keep posting to let us know how you go on. You have done the right thing for your health that is for sure! Hope your cold soon clears up too.:)


Hello Baz and congratulations on making the decision to stop smoking.

Good luck with your quit x :)


Hi Baz.....and welcome, you have come to the right place, and you have made the right decision, all the best, Jay,x :)


Good Luck Baz :D


Hey baz good luck! I used Champix too and still going strong, also recommend Alan Carr book if you haven't already read it.

Keep positive and post on here for the fantastic support and advice.



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