Day 1 on champix

Hi every one just found this site. I picked up my champix starter pack yesterday 24th june 2011 from the doctors and was planning to start taking it on the 1st july, but i have decided to start them today instead 25th june 2011 as there's no time like the present.

I just hope i can do it this time as i have tried many times before by the way of meetings ,patches ,or with just nothing :( .

I really hope i don't get alot of the side effects

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  • Champix worked really well the first time around for me, keep us posted on your progress.

  • Hi Sammilou

    I am on my 5th day of champix now must admit the first few days I thought it was working but the last 2 days Im not feeling it, Im the same as you I hope it works.

    Hope you get ok with Champix, heard a few horror storys but luckily so far I have had none hope your the same.

    Good luck


  • Good luck both of you.

    On this forum i've heard good things about Champix. (So much so, i felt like i took the difficult route through this journey lol.)

    Keep up the good work :D

  • 6th day

    I'm on my 6th day of taking the champix and i'm still smoking as many as usual yesterday was the first day i went dizzy . I have had the sickly feeling since day one and headaches and boy after a hour after taking them they knock me out was just wondering if i should change the time i take them i take one at 9am and the other at 6pm.

    My doctor told me to stop smoking on the 11th day so only 5 days for them to work on me

  • Sammilou

    You might be taking them to close together hun, I was told to take them at the same time day and night so I do one at 9.45am and 9.45pm. 9am and 6pm might be a bit close.

    Are you eating with the tablets? even if it is a bit of bread eat half then take the tablet then eat the other half. Eating with the tablet really helps.

    I had the dizziness at first but that has gone now and touch wood I havent had any sickness, I did have my first VERY vivid dream last night which has really done me in this morning lol but just clicked that its the tablets!!!

    Today is my first day on the stronger dose so we will see how it goes.

    Persever with it Sammilou hopefully it will start working to cut the fags down soon.

    Good luck

    P x

  • paula

    Hi yes i do eat before i have the tablets may be i will change the time i forgot to take the 9am one but took it at just gone 10 and i will take the other one later tonight before i go to bed which is usually about 10 but thinking on it i am cutting down so fingers crossed i might not smoke for much longer:)

  • Cici

    you are very lucky that you have never smoked. If you haven't then you surely cant understand the addiction, thats like asking an alcoholic why they drink.. it is an addiction. and everyone on this forum is trying their hardest to give up an addiction.

    One question thou! Why are you on a smoking forum if you have never smoked?????

    We will be healthy in time :):):):)

    P x

  • Hi There

    I took Champix to stop me smoking and made sure that i ate when i took them and i would take one first thing in the morning with food and one about 5pm again with food.

    I stopped smoking on day 5 a week earlier than planned but i stopped taking them a week later as i did not feel right then but im into my 9th month smoke free so can tell you they do work.

    Everyone is different but i cant def say please eat when you take them and thats a bit more than a biscuit and keep going as it will click with you.

    Just another thought though if you experience any really bad side effects please go back and see your quit nurse/GP and get them to maybe change the dose like i did.

    Good luck

  • blue tablets

    Well started my second week on champix, started the blue tablets took my first one at 9 this morning and within 10 mins i had stomach ache and felt sick but it passed pretty quick not taking the other one till bed time about 10 as they lay me out , still smoking thou hope to have stopped by day 14 fingers crossed.

  • Hey Sammilou

    How are you getting on with the Champix? are you still taking them.

    I am just about to finish week 3 and I have gone 19hours without a ciggie... not much but it shows the tablets are working slowly. Still a long way to go but fingers crossed.


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