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No Smoking Day
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Day 1 on champix

Well been doctors today and just started on champix i want to stop so much and for my daughters sake hows everyone geting on with champix?

I am 37 well 38 on Friday and not geting any younger so now is the right time to stop.


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Hey Kay,

Well done for taking the leap! I haven't quite quit yet as I'm using the aid of an electric cigarette at the moment and am only on my 3rd day but like I keep telling myself, at least I'm trying!


Welcome Kay

Ive not used champix myself but a lot of people here have with great redults. Have you started the tablets yet and what day have you decided is your stop smoking day. Most people say a good tip is to eat a little something with the tablet. You will have great support and advice here. so keep posting.

Hi Trish

Welcome Congrats on your quit when have you decided to start. You will also have fab advice and support. Welcome to you both.xxx



Well done on making the decision to quit!

I'm using patches, so no advice on Champix I'm afraid!

Near in age, I'm 36. Quitting in part for my Son as well. Just wanted to let you know that they say it's most beneficial to quit before age 35 so we're not too far off! Good luck with it........you can do it & the benefits do show quite quick. Just back from Socatots & was running around like a looney! It's only been 15 days for me :D

You'll find loads of support on here but I've found the trick is breaking the psychology behind it.

Enjoy your life free from the stinking slavery!


Many thanks Linda ... this is the first time I've used a forum and it is already encouraging me to succeed because there are so many success stories on here!!! Like I say, I'm only on my 3rd day, but we all have to start somewhere :p


Sorry thought you had not started yet. Well done hun day 3 is fab work. the first week is by far the hardest just take it one day at a time. You will be so proud when you start week two. You go girl xxxxx


Thanks Linda!

I'm just hoping that I can maintain it this time! I once quite for 3 months, only to start again when I was watching somebody smoking on Big Brother ... how stupid is that but just watching someone put a cigarette in their mouth and take a draw was agony! :eek:


Hi Kay

I also quit with the help of champix and found it very good and I had no real problems with it just a little nausea at first and found the best times for me were about an hour after breakfast and then after tea but you will find the best for you some of us have weird dreams and your sleep pattern may be a bit upset but stick with it If you find it hard to sleep Klams or Nytol are both good for getting you back into your sleep pattern they are herbal and non addictive and can be bought over the counter

Read anything you can find on here you can there is lots of stuff just click on the links in peoples signature 2 I found very good are whyquit.com and wolgmang.com the more you read the easier your quit will be

But remember the champix like anything else used {NRT etc} is just that an aid to help you it still takes a lot of willpower from you it cannot work miracles

Good Luck




Thanks to you all its so nice to know we are all here to support each other i feel more postive allready,

Well its my first day today of takeing champix i havent decided on a stoping day doctor said 7 to 10 days but the doctor said i will know when the time is right ,so here we go.

Thanks to everyone and i will keep posting and we can all be friends together

Keep up the good work all of you that has stopped

Thanks for the advice about eating food then taking the champix



Good luck Kate, I've no idea what Champix is but it's success is namely dependent on one thing, YOU. Believe in yourself, and yes you will know when the time is right, you already know that the time is right which is why you've gone on the Champix, just pick a day, plan it now and look forward to it. Plan the whole day, your food, what you watch, whatever you want then you won't feel 'lost' without the cigarettes or nicotine.

Make sure your quit day is all about relaxing and be excited about it rather than dreading it, it's the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

As for being 38, can't think of a better age to improve your life a million fold. Your skin will get colour back and get fresher meaning you'll look younger, your hair and clothes won't stink like you live in a bonfire. You won't be embarassed about your breath when talking to people face to face, you'll have more energy and find waking up easier and sleep more beneficial, and you'll feel so much more confident with yourself like a teenager again.

This is just the start of the benefits, as for the downsides to giving up. . .there are NONE.

Don't look back.


Reading it back I actually sound like my hypnosis book haha;

"Your success is dependent only on you!"

Yeah well it worked on me so anyway it must be good advice.

Although today is only day 2 for me. . . talk is cheap lol.


hi kay,

dont panic if you get to day 7 and feel nothing....as in the urge to stop smoking...i panicked a bit thinking..mmmnnn still liking the fags......by day 11....i had had it with the cigarettes.....that was friday the 13th got up on the saturday....didnt even cross my mind...just didnt want to smoke and that has been it scince.....no cravings....i miss the habit (sometimes i think..i should be doing something now....the time i would be having a cig) but there is no panic or needing there at all.....thats what champix has done for me.

as others have said eat before you take the morning one especially....because of the nausea...not so much now but when you go on the higher dose......and you will have quite a vary of dreams too...lol.

just go with the champix dont panic that you should have stopped by day 7, 8 etc...it will happen honest....something just clicks and you really dont want to smoke anymore....



I agree with Joanne, I didn't feel anything and was panicking, yes the cigarettes do taste worse but it had never stopped me before, it was like when you have a cold and your should not smoke but you do. In summary, when the quit day arrived, I did it, I am not saying it was or is easy but you will do it.

Side effects are nausea but nothing that you cannot overcome.

Good luck,



champix user


also quit on champix and i found eating toast once taking the pill helped.

i smoked between 70-80 old holborn roll ups a day and i smoked for 28 years.

champix took the edge off the smoking and helped me to quit and i am happy to say 3 months and 2 weeks as a non smoker.

i stopped taking champix after a month and even though you will get the odd craving to smoke the will to become a non smoker will see you through.

all i can say is being a non smoker is brilliant ... my confidence has gone through the roof and i was given a jumper from a mate and he said it might need a wash ... well i sniffed it and ...wow ciggie smoke... made me want to heave ... and that is what all smokers smell like.

so hang in there because even though non smokers are non smokers the urges can still rise up to weaken you ... just move past it.

tim xx


Well done on making your decision to stop.

Champix will certainly give you some support and your own belief, and commitment will see you through.

I'm on day 14 stopped and almost 4 weeks on the tablets - no problems for me, and yes, main thing is to eat with the tablet.


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