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Newbie: Day 13 on Champix, Day 1 of not smoking!

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Hi all,

I am 29yrs old & have been smoking for 17yrs (eeeekkk that looks SOOO bad written down!!), Have tried cold turkey before but barely managed 3 days.

I have been taking Champix now for 13 days. I spent the 1st 10 days thinking that the tabs were not working that well, yes I had cut down from my usual 20 per day to approx 10 but was still thinking about lighting up A LOT!!

Last night I decided that I was really going to try today, but at my break in work people were all smoking so I thought "ooh maybe I do want 1?" lit it up and had maybe 2 puffs then felt really really sicky? Really glad as apart from that this will be the very 1st time in years I have not actually smoked about 15 by this time of the day!!

I have spent the last few days looking up reviews on Champix but OMG?!?!? there are sooo many & some reaaalllllyyyyy scary 1s too!! So I've decided to join this group for support & to share my own & others experiences as we all go along.

Here goes, Side effects for me: Dry mouth, Sore throat, Small amount of nausea and Tiredness.

All of these have been quite mild so maybe I am one of the lucky ones or maybe I have worse to come :eek:?!?!?!?!?

Good luck guys on your own journey to smoke free lives & I'll keep you all updated on mine!

Thanks for reading! :)

Lisa xx

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Good luck to you too Lisa :)

Thanks!!!!!!!! :) You too!!!!!!! xx

Hope you got through the day. My boss just got her script through today for it....hoping it doesn't make her evil.

17 years looks soooooo much better than 28!!!!!

Good luck and great decision!:D

And so much better than 35:eek: What I say Lisa is do it while your still young wish I done it sooner.

good luck. Maria.:)

Now BB, you cannot possibly have started smoking before you were born. You are way too young and gorgeous to have started smoking 35 years ago!

And even if you did bet you weren't born in the 50's", like wot i woz!:D


Oh yes! I was born in the fifties, oh my god that sound old:eek: I think you are younger DD, you can't be as old as me, all that diving you must be really

Wow!! Thanks for all your messages, it's really uplifiting to read all ur stories too!!

Gingerminx, I did get through the 1st day and it was no-where near as bad as i expected so hopefully boss-lady won't be too scary when she stops either?!

Thanks again

Lisa xx


I am more or less in the same boat as you, I am new to this forum and just seen there is a whole forum dedicated to Champix.

I have smoked from a very early age, it does look bad when you type it down (shameful i know). I am on Day 25 of Champic and 11 Days Smoke Free. I am not really feeling the effects totally at the moment, not brought up anything nasty like i heard in the horror stories, although, my face has developed into a war zone, spot wise!.

The only side effect i have had is a bit of nausea with the morning pill but i changed it until about 2 hours after breakfast and now no nausea, i understrand about the tiredness though!


Day 2 of no smoking!! (Day 14 on Champix!)

Hmmmm, was feeling so good all day but have really struggled this evening to not light up?!?! Have so much going on at the moment & have had a really stressful day so think thats the main reason :(!!

Also I now have a really sore nose & throat, not sure if this is a side-effect of the meds or maybe just a cold (in which case bad timing right?! lol!!)

Am trying to really look after myself and get better quick as I am bloody working for the next 2 days then going on hols for a week yay :D!!! Am thinking that will do me good too as it'll be a complete change in routine & I am going with all non-smokers too!!!!

Anyway I have managed to resist and am looking forward to another smoke free day tomorrow!! Hope your all doing well too!!

Good luck for tomorrow to you all!!

Lisa xx

I find evenings and just before bed the hardest times too. However I'm very stubborn and refuse to fail!

Enjoy your hols and keep up the good work


Hi Guys,

I'm also on Champix - day 11. Had a great day, didn't even fancy a cigarette at work so I've not had any so far but now when I'm back home I'm dying to have one :confused:

I suppose that's the habit thing now. I'm going on a business trip on Sunday so I hope it will 'break up' my routine (driving, talking on the phone in the kitchen etc.).

Good luck to you all! Take care!

Great job Lisa!


Hi Lisa,

I'm on Day 9 of my Champix course. My quit day is tomorrow and I can't wait. I have been told to smoke as normal whilst I'm taking the tablets. But in the last 24 hours each cigarette has become less and less enjoyable. Then this morning, my first cigarette of the day - ordinarily my favourite - left me feeling sick and nauseous. Although this is what I had heard happened, I didn't really believe it for myself. Champix appears to be working so far.

Yes I had the dry mouth, dizziness and weird dreams for the first couple of nights and then I thought that was it! But this morning I just know that I won't want to light up again tomorrow morning; I've thought about lighting up for the last half hour or so but really don't want to go through that horrible sick feeling again. Weird - but wonderful after 31 years of burning money.

Good luck to you!

PS It's been useful in some ways to read that there are still going to be weak moments during the day as I need to be prepared for that too. No method is absolute magic!

hi everyone i am also on champix day 10 on the tablets and day one of no smoking so far going ok still getting a few cravings but im determined to beat it this time ;) hope everyone is doing well xx

hi everyone i am also on champix day 10 on the tablets and day one of no smoking so far going ok still getting a few cravings but im determined to beat it this time ;) hope everyone is doing well xx


Welcome to the forum and congrats on stopping smoking. Day 1 well thats truely amazing, before you know it day 1 will be week 1 then month 1 well you get the picture. ;)

Take it 1 minute, 1 hour at a time, dont try and plan too far ahead. The champix tabs are good but you also need your willpower too. You can do this, i did and im now 7 months free.

Read, read and read somemore, get yourself armed with as much knowledge as you can and most of all dont forget to post whether its a good post or a bad post let us know, we can all support each other.

Anyhow please take care and good luck with your quit


Well done Lisa, I'm looking for new ways to quite since falling off the wagon so I might give it a go too. gonna try one more time cold turkey and see what happens. Best of luck in your quest to being a non-smoker!

Well done on stopping smoking, as an ex champix user, I can say that it does work very very well. As far as the nausea is concerned, I found that taking the tablet straight after a proper meal completely stopped it. But when I say I proper meal, I do mean something like a full bowl of cereal in the morning and not just a sandwich. The dry mouth will hopefully go away for you soon, but I can definetely sympathise with you on the nausea front as if you do get it, then it can be really rotten (as I found out). So please do eat with every tablet.


hey all well im on my second day of not smoking and im doin really good the tablets help a great deal but willpower is a big factor!, only time i really struggled was after dinner last night but i managed not to cave in just kept myself busy ended up cleaning out 3 of my kitchen cupboards lol :D

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Kell481 Year Smoke Free

Hi there, I’m on day 11 and also having some mild side effects, nausea and anxious feeling but it’s managable. Been quit three days now and the Champix has helped loads but still thinking about smoking quite a bit.

Good luck on your journey, you can do it!

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PS Can see the date and time of the post by hovering over the time in grey writing under the members name :)

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