No Smoking Day
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Pleased to have made it to here!

So I am now into month 2 (day 35 I think today) and I am quietly very pleased with myself.

The wife has had to put up with me being more moany/irritable than normal (even more so when Everton lose!! :eek: ) but she has been brilliant.

Thanks to all on here who have helped me so far. Just by reading some peoples posts can help put me in a more positive frame of mind!

Still avoiding that 'big night out' down the pub for a decent drinking session, as I know that has been my achilles heel in the past. The trouble is, now I dont know if I've made such a big deal about it, it's going to be harder than it should have been!! Will leave it a few more weeks yet methinks, and then see how I go.

Anyway, it feels good to be in month 2. It has actually flown by, which I hope offers some positivity to anyone in the early stages. Stick with it, it will be worth it.


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Hi Dellboy,

We are near quit dates and I know what you mean about the time flying past!!!

I also totally get where you are coming from about the big pub session - I am scared rigid!!! I had a blip two weeks in because of drinking so it has put me off big time - definately a hurdle for us to get over me thinks:eek:

Anyway well done to you and it is good to hear from you - take care :)


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