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Peeking into Day Three

I can't actually come into Day Three for a little more than two hours, but I wanted to take a peek and see what I'm getting myself into. :)

Right now, I'm in the midst of the strongest craving I've had since I stopped smoking two days ago. It's got me in a half-Nelson and won't let go.

Without going into details, it jumped into my face when I saw something online that concerns a friend of mine and I (not on this forum, btw), which caused a super strong emotional reaction.

I am really upset with the incident, and equally upset that it's become such a trigger for me. I was (emphasis, WAS) this closeto packing it in tonight and buying a pack of smokes, and then starting the quit in another day or two.

But I'm NOT going to do that. I've come too far, in just 2 days, to relapse. Lord, give me strength!

My whole body is shaking, my head is light, and my stomach actually aches. As I said, this is the longest, and the hardest, craving I've had since I quit.

I hope I make it!

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DGee, I hope you got through the cravings. Sorry no-one answered you in your time of need, it happens sometimes when none of us are online. Stay strong and you will notice a big difference in the intensity of the craves.:D


So far, so good, but I'm still doing battle with the evil one. If I could just get to sleep, I'd feel so much better in the morning.


Unfortunately sleep deprivation is one of the side effects of quitting, it does settle down and you will have the most vivid dreams ever:eek:. Hang in there're you are doing so well


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