I stopped smoking at 11.00pm :)

Hi all, been taking the champix for 9 days, the last few days every cigarette has tasted vile... My quit date was the 15th March so I smoked my last disgusting cigarette at 11.00pm tonight.

I know it won't be easy, but i'll carry on with champix & hopefully the memory of how horrible my last cigarette tasted will put me off for life :)

Good luck to everyone :D we can do it...

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  • Well done Denise, you first hour over!:) how cool are you :cool:

  • Haha, it's 24hrs now!!! :D

  • Haha, it's 24hrs now!!! :D

    Even better, you feeling ok? :)

  • Well done Denise:D

  • Well done D its so good when folks refer to their last cigarette as disgusting, iv recently discovered that they all were, i just didnt notice at the time i was too busy choking. say goodbye to russian roulette.


  • This was from my first quit, wish i'd kept to it :mad: Back on it now though, on my second day :)

    Denise x

    'Just one cig' led me back here...

  • Awesome well done :)

    Go plug your crap somewhere else

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