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Tomorrow is the day I stop smoking for good!

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Hi all, made an appointment with my local pharmacist for tomorrow to enrol in their stop smoking programme. I've been on 20 a day for the past 8 years and 10 a day for a few years before that so I know it's not going to be easy! Had a few quit attempts over the years but in all honesty my heart was never really in it until now. Am tired of the constant wheezing chest and of going to the cash machine every day to then go to the shop and hand it straight over for a packet of cigarettes! Been reading all your posts and well done to you all for having the will and strength to stay quit. Am hoping to really stick to it this time and look forward to reading all your posts which I hope will encourage and help me through the hardest times xx

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Hi and a warm welcome, great you have made this fantastic decision to quit.

Some really lovely peeps on this forum, with great advice.

So hold on good luck, please read and post as often as needed.

Of course keep us updated with your progress

Rooting for you

Hi Jo

You sound very determined and that's half the battle.

Get the first few days over with and it then gets easier and easier

good luck for tomorrow :)

Good luck it will be hard but worth it :)

Well done on making the decision to quit. Post whenever you need to, this forum is great! I'm hoping that your Day 1 goes well tomorrow, let us know. x

me too :)

Hi Jo, and I'll be joining you :) good luck on day one..see you there

I can see a pair of quit-buddies here. Jo & The Nun sounds like a winning combination to me! :)

I shall be rooting for you both. Do post in the Day One room and let us know how things are going.

...Jo & The Nun

I'm sure I saw them at the 1992 Cambridge Folk Festival :D

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