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No Smoking Day
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week 3 -aaaargh!

Just beginning week 3 and it's all been hunky dory until now. Using patches so it's been quite easy so far, but last night and the night before I couldn't sleep, and I can feel another sleepless night coming on... I feel soooo tired, and also I feel like I need a fag. But I ain't guna have one. Is anyone else feeling the same? (I also feel like I might cry at any minute).

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Hang in there Poppy the sleeplessness is part of the deal it will balance out just be patient it gets loads better.if you drink coffee rember that when u quit smoking its twice as strong i read it somewhere and had first hand experience of it. all in all lots of weird changes are coming your way but its all for the best honestly.




thanks mash, those links are really good, i especially like the woolfmang one!


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