Got rid of ecig,am I really drug free?!

I stopped using e cig a couple of days ago,didn't plan it, ( which I think worked out well )just had a bad hangover.I get drunk so easy now,used to be able to have a few wines,now a couple am all over the place,WTF?.Anyway back to the subject,was so badly hungover I couldn't even face the e cig,would of made me sick.So after learning that I can no longer drink like I am 20 ( am 35 ),I don't even want to use the e cig.I was beginning to worry as I didn't want to be using the damn thing this long.So in a weird way a terrible hanover has got me off the damn thing,woo who.Now am off the booze for a month while I loose the stone I have put one.Food tastes so good now though,I am hungry all the time!

Hope you are all doing well in month 3 x x x

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  • Way to go mumi76!!! Good job.Food does taste SO MUCH better now, doesn't it?? I look forward to eating and find myself eating spicier foods than when I smoked. Keep up the great job and lay off the party hat now...LOL ppat

  • It sounds pretty much like you're drug free to me. Well done!!!


  • well done

    well done getting off the e cig. tried myself a week or so ago and failed. will try again soon . let us know how you are doing.

  • did you go on the low or no nicotines ones pfaber?

  • hey there

    i tried the zero nic and i was not bad just kind of seemed pointless. i will make another attempt soon. good on you for being drug free a real accomplishment. well done.

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