No Smoking Day
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I'm Free I know I am I'm sure I am

Having rushed through Allen Carr's book and listened to the cd's twice on the way to work today and twice again on the way home, I am absolutely convinced

that I will never again fall into the nicotine trap I'M FREE :):)

What I have realised is that all of us including me are all non smokers , we were born that way, unfortunately some of us ( me more that most.. 20-40 a day for at least 33 years ) got conned into believing we should poison ourselves. We all really know that we don't need and let's be honest don't WANT to poison ourselves or the people we love around us.

All I can say is thank you Mr Carr for pointing out the truth I will never again be so stupid. I don't need will power or drugs and certainly not nicotine to assist me in not poisoning myself any more.

I am hereby reverting to my default setting ... that of a non smoker .

So sorry if this was long winded I just wanted to share the joy and I hope it helps someone.

Barrie. ( non smoker for life ):):) The page would be filled with smiley's but it won't let me

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Have a few of my smiles




Well done barri!! I have just done the same thing as u to quit


Well done on your decision Barrie :D

Stay strong.



You now have the correct tools and the "secret" knowledge, now you put it into action.

It's easy once you know how :D:D



Your post really did stike a chord with me... much more than other stuff I read. For that, thank you :)

I'm on my 25th hour, cold turkey. Tried champix before (bad), patches (really good), this time nothing and this time for good.



Barrie - best decision you've ever made....I'm kind of jealous of you just starting out after 33 years - it is a pretty amazing journey of discovering this new non-smoking is a good place to be....





Well said and done that man !:)

Regards Trev :)


I too will join you in thanking Mr Carr....without him I'd have never got out of the nicotine trap in the first place. And all of you are helping me to ensure I never fall back into the trap. So thanks Alan and thanks to all of youse.



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