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Wrong time 2 quit ????

Well the start of day 4.

Yesterday was bloody awful,today feels no better, i had a docs appt regarding coming off medication for chronic pain, i was taken off the meds last Thursday, as i was feeling dizzy, headaches. I live in chronic pain since a minor surgery done in 2004.I stopped smoking on Sunday. I am still very light headed , headaches,tired.Iasked my Doc if these feelings could be from not smoking, he said he did not think so, or from coming off the medication, he said it all would be out of my system by now. So now he is sending me for a MRI on my brain, Monday 12th, he thinks it may be a tumor. I will not get the results until 20th because of March break. I said to him maybe i picked the wrong time to quit smoking, he said there is never a wrong time, well at least he said something good. If ever i want a cigarette it is NOW! so sorry i just had to vent. I am going to smoke a pen today i think.:)

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Hi Ann,

Welcome to the forum. I would have to agree with your doctor - there is never a wrong time to quit.

Keep it up - it will be worth it in the long run. :)


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