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I smoked on Friday eve

Confession - on Friday evening I went to the pub after work and drank too much wine too quickly on an empty stomach. I bought some fags and smoked half of 3 and they were all disgusting.

I soaked and threw the pack away on Saturday morning and have been so angry and disgusted with myself all weekend and am feeling the same way today.

I have let myself down.

I knew if I drank 2 weeks into the quit I would smoke but the urge to have a drink after a rubbish week at work was strong

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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My only advice and it worked for me is to give up drinking for the first 4-6 weeks, just until you feel stronger.

Like you my previous failures always came once I had a few beers, this time round I didnt drink for the first 2 months - Now I am 6 months quit and I can happily and easily drink without so much as a thought to smoke.

At least you have realised the error of your ways, dust yourself off and start again.


Hi Frankcob,

Thank you for the advice, I did plan to do that but it is so hard when you are also 'giving' up part of your social life for a period of time. Needs must however and I will persevere with this quit and will not be going to the pub for the forseeable.


The good thing is Dottie, you found them disgusting and you threw them away on saturday and carried on with your quit!!!

Dont beat yourself up about it, it could have been worse you could have "enjoyed" them and been back to smoking 20/30/40 a day.

I had my first big night out since quitting on Friday and coped ok, prior to this I had been out for a few drinks and lunch/tea with non smoking friends or had non smoking friends at the house for a drink to see how I coped. If no one else is smoking you tend not to even think about it.

Just be proud of what you have achieved.


Thanks Red, I will try and regain the 'I am doing well feeling'.


When I think of maybe lighting up a smoke... I remind myself of how far I have come and that if I do light up Im not going to enjoy it and then have to start from scratch all over again because now Ive given my body a taste of nicotene again... You made a mistake and you are only human so dont beat yourself up about it, keep going! You can do it! and next time you think of smoking remind yourself of how far you have come, that you will not enjoy that smoke and that you will be feeding your body of nicotene and have to start all over again fighting the cravings ect... It helps..

You can do it! :) It was just a little blip thats all..Get up and keep going!!



I was very tempted last Fri night as well, I think if there had been one lying around I would have smoked it, but had 2 glasses of water and opened the window and took long breaths. I gave up smoking on Feb 13 this year, so I am on my fourth wk I think. I am on patches the middle strength also inhalator, and so far I have not smoked but it's early days. Good luck it was just a blip, put it behind you xx


Heres hoping its a lesson learned. Been down one time been down 2 times never going back again as Fleetwood mac said singingly.

If youve had enough keep out of the boxing ring. I have and i havnt had a good hiding for months but i know if i take one puff i'll be in intensive care.

its not personal this addiction treats us all equally. NONE OF US CAN SMOKE SUCCESSFULLY. The days of just one are loooowwwwwnnnnnng gawwnnn.

its over lets face it ,me ,you and the forum crew cant do it anymore. end of....

Mash x


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