No Smoking Day

The eve

Hi all...

it's 11:15 and I'm on the eve of my quit date :eek:

I'm feeling really... odd - a mixture of emotions I quess.

Sadly though, I feel alone. I have those who have never smoked, so find it hard to understand, those who have done it with out help, support or effort and those who smoke and think I'm crazy for wanting to give up!

I'm so glad I've found this site, I give a big pat on the back to those who are allready a few steps ahead of me.

Seren xXx

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We are here for you!

Hello Seren

We are here for you all the way, Questions or any form of help just ask anytime. I am on day 31 and had no Idea what to expect, but here I am and doing fine. It is tough in the beginning but keep in mind! Quit and don't even let your self have 1 not even a puff. Try to go one step at a time and remeber the first couple of days are the hardest then it gets easier.




Thank you for the encouraging words...

Day 31? Well done you!

After six weeks it's odd to think the day is nearly here!




It is good that you set a date, are you using anything like the patch or gum?

It seems really weird thinking im on day 31 and so long ago. I smoked about 2 packs a day for well over a decade. I tried a lot of times to quit, this time its working. The patch helped me fight of the hand habit, now im about to step down and ween off the nicotine over the next few weeks.



Seren, you can do this. The people on here are great, giving lots of support and laughs. I am only on Day 6, but already feel much better.

Everyone will support you and give you 100%

Good luck



Hello Seren,

Your post was 11 hours ago :) so now you are on day one and I for one can't wait to hear how you are doing!

Take each day as it comes and drag your self through each hour by any means possible and before you know, you'll be through the worse.

It'll have it's up and downs but we're here for you,all of us going through quitting, even if each persons quits are different, we are all here to help and support each other x x

And the end of the day the decision to quit smoking is the only way forward, Buffy x


OH WOW the support here is amazing, thanks everyone.

Well it's 12:45 I bought the gum and the patches (just in case) I got up at 8:00 so I've been smoke free for 4 hours and 45 mins :D and so far it's been good... I've not had one craving yet I prolly would of smoked 5/7 by now and I've only used one gum!

After I finish this cuppa I'm gonna make some dinner, so I'm not look forward to that - I used to light up straight after food... but I'm armed with mints and orange juice!

I'm looking forward to having an aromatherapy bath tonight to treat myself, and I'm planing on going to the gym 2mora :eek: (it's been years).


Yay!! Well done Seren,

Glad you've thought ahead and chosen little rewards for yourself along the way, that's a great incentive!

I can totally relate to missing that ciggie after dinner but after a few days, being able to taste your dinner is much better!

Good luck at the Gym too! don't over do it mind! hehe

Oh yeah we'll all be here to spy on you ;) lol and help and support too of course :D

Buffy x



Sounds like you are going to be fine. Just try to make it thru today smoke free.




Hi Seren

Well done for wanting to give up you will be fine!! I am on day 6 and days 1 and 2 were exceptionally easy for me i just warn you to watch out for day 3 i found it difficult but i got through it i just came onto this site and posted a message and got loads of positive replies which geared me onwards and upwards haha. Yesterday day5 i was great and today i havnt even missed them.

Give me a shout and let me know how you are getting on i went through mixed emotions too but the thought of giving up is harded than doing it.

Good Luck

Jules xx


The feed-back here is fab... I've just come back from a walk, the amout of lung space I have is breath-taking, it even hurts a little bit, so I'm thinking the gym is not a good idea so soon. :rolleyes:


How you getting on today??????????



Well Done All

Hey just a quick note to say well done everyone......we should all be proud!!!!

:D :D :D


And you geordie x missed you these last couple of days, glad your still good x

Proud of you too!


Man, I been hanging around here too much!! I only spoke to you yesterday Geordie! just I been here practically the 24hrs in between and losing all scope of time

I should get off and go do something else for a few hours!


my baby scan

hi everyone just wanting to let everyone know how good you are all doing ,just came back from my scan at hospital i am 12 weeks pregnant and everything is great got 2 little pictures showed my six year son who said mam it looks like a monkey!!!!!!!!i even went for a coffee with my friend who smokes and didn't feel the need for one and felt quite sick at the smell .Feel really good today and just to let people know take it one day at a time it does get easier ,Im in week 3 and can not believe i have made it this far :) xx


Great job Seren and everyone else!

Congrats! to Tatty75, Children and being pregnant are strong motivators!!



I've just had my mates over who smoke - I sent them out the back!

Even though I went out with them, I was not tempted :D

Day one is almost over phew.

Big hugs and thanks to everyone

See you in day two!



Well done! that was one hell of a test to put yourself through on day 1!

You passed with flying colours! you must be most impressed with yourself!

Sleep well with your sweet non nicotine induced slumber! Wake up to a fresh Day2 :D

Buffy x


Seren the nonsmoker


That is wonderful news, I hope to see you here on day two and beyond.



lol what a lovely way to put it Buffy! I'm gonna jump in the bath now and really pamper myself!

Thank you too Grinfire, it's not even been 24 hours yet but your support has been fantastic!

WELL DONE to everyone who has got through today!



Yeah What A Test To Put Yourself Through On Day One And Well Done!!

Bring On Day Two.

Jules X


Hi Seren

Day 2 for you, 33 for me

I hope your still with us!!

:D :confused: :D


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