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I seem to have very quietly quit smoking.

Not only have I quit but I did it cold turkey. Haven't had any withdrawal and not thought about cigarettes. The turning point for me was realising I wasn't addicted to nicotine, just cigarettes. I wouldn't smoke a rollie if I ran out, in fact I'd rather not smoke at all. If nicotine was all smoking was about I would surely smoke anything.

So after a year I finally did it. Thank you to all the people who stuck with me over the last year and never stopped believing. For those that did give up it did sting a little seeing you not write on my threads but it didn't stop me trying. Finally to all the people that thought I came here as some sort of support group weirdo you were wrong, I only ever wanted to make it.

This all sounds a bit final but the truth is the last few days have been pretty uneventful quit wise. Life hasn't changed at all, I just smell nicer.

Can't take all the credit though. Had a lot of help from Austin recently which made me see things in a totally different light.

Big thanks too to Bella and Cav who always wanted to see this day and never stopped writing those "you can do it" messages.

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Oh my - huge congratulations Karri! Soooooo pleased for you. It's quite a journey - and you have arrived in the smoke free zone in real style! Lovely lovely news - WELL DONE! WELL DONE!



Excellent news, Karri :)

Even if we are all different it really doesn't matter when it comes down to smoking and more importantly stopping doing that. You have done it your own way...just like so many others...which just goes to prove that we all have our own unique quit.

Thanks for the name check but TBH you were the one that never lost sight of your hopes and asperations.

You are well cool :cool:

Erm....keep on keepin' on ;)

Well done Karri on quitting :)

Hiya Karri hun, well done, you seem to sound really different to how you did when you had your quit date in your signature the other week. And you also have taken on no one elses methods/advice and gone totally your own way. Good for you xx

How long you quit for Karri? just curious?

I'm guessing she's broken through a wall that always crashed her previous quits. I'm also guessing that she's more than aware the journey has only started.

It's good to support a quit...one doesn't need to be a cougar, a spartan, silent but endlessly prattling. Just getting through these days!

Thanks carol.

Rochelle it's weird. When that something clicks its like "no effort required". I do have a big spot between my eyebrows though :)

Yeah I feel the same. You don't struggle when it clicks. I sit here thinking I dunno what all the fuss is about?? Cravings, urges, hard work, none of that. I suppose if you're really sick of it, and made up your mind, then it is pretty easy to do.

What do u mean about the spot? U got a zit? I've been covered in spots on my chin they seem to have multiplied throughout the day. I'm 23, I shouldn't be getting spots anymore lol a good tip for them though, hot hot water from the tap on cotton wool, put it on said zit, it will sting but it works, then put sudocream on it and go to bed it will shrink to half the size by morning :)

Cougars are older women after younger men, but wtf spartan is I havnt a clue lol

I haven't had a spot like this since I was 13. I can tell people are trying not to look at it in horror when they talk to me. I will try your method but if it doesn't work I WILL hunt you down. :D

Lol!! It works. Trust me, this is coming from someone who SUFFERS with spots. :)

I don't have sudocream but I have bepanthin which I think is the same sort of stuff. Will let you know how it goes x x

Lol my boyfriend has just gone home to slap some of that stuff on his tattoo that's started peeling and itching :/ so yeh it probably will do the same job!! Sudocream does say on the jar one of the uses is for acne x

nonico7 Years Smoke Free


Congratulations on quitting smoking Karri. So glad you had an epiphany about smoking.:)

I'm also glad this forum helped you to reach it since you put so much energy into helping others.

It is a shocking fact that we smoke for the cigarettes not for the nicotine, & one that we need to keep articulating.

austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free

Well done Karri.

There will be odd moments when the lightbulb doesn't seem to be glowing as brightly as it could so don't expect 24/7 perfection.

Your quit will grow stronger day by day.

Laugh in the face of tobacco and drop ice cubes down the vest of dependency.

It's now harder going back than going forward.




Well done you ..............so pleased for you :D

Ooooh, just popped on here and seen this. WELL DONE! I knew you'd get there. There's a reason someone just keeps plugging away on here. You have been a wonderful support to me and lots of others, and I'm really pleased it's happened for you...that's great news x

So glad you've found your lightbulb moment. I knew it would happen. It's fantastic to see such a positive post.

I found myself laying awake last night fretting that you might be considering me to be one of the people who had 'given up on you'. I visit here more rarely these days, and do little flurries of posts, but I'm quite certain there are many threads by many people that I haven't commented on. If that includes yours, I do apologise, but it hasn't been deliberate. I've certainly always believed and hoped that you would get there eventually.

To abbreviate Cav's ubiquitous message... K O K O!

Helen x

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Mash x

Ping! the girls done good.dont worry about power cuts u can download FREE solar panels from this forum 24/7.

Mash x

...sometimes they even come with a warm ready brek glow...... :rolleyes: xx

Hi Karri

Huge well done to you - it was always going to happen :)

You sound positive and relaxed - methinks this quit is for keeps.

As for the spots, Boots (other chemists are available) do their own acne cream which was a life saver for me :D


Congratulations on quitting Karri and especially cold turkey, wow thats more than I can do lol :D:D

So happy for you :):)

Zoe xxxx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done Karri that realisation is the key.

Well done Karri, you didn't say how long you have been quit for but well done nonetheless


Just popped in and saw your post Karri, I'm so pleased you found your right time, great news xx

So pleased for you Karri, I hope this is it for you, you sound so positive.

Don't forget we are here for you, you have been a help to so many.

This is just the beginning you will have bad days but you will get through them.

Take care Maria. x x x

Karri...just read your PM after I posted above.

Great minds think alike ;) and thank you for taking the time to PM me x

I seem to have very quietly quit smoking.

This is me reading your post.


No other comment required. Just :D

Nice going, Karri, never had a doubt you would get there... do love and respect your perseverance! This aha moment is what gets a true quit started, keep it in the forefront of your mind as most likely you will find challenging moments here and there. Your quit will get more solid as each day passes, stick with it no matter what!!! Awesome, Karri ;)

Well done, hun!

Like you said, sometimes things happen for a reason. :)


Now that I've finished manipulating the the universe, I'm going to jump in the bath. :)

You'll be fine Karri. You'll have your good days, and you'll have your bad days. But, in the end, you'll be fine.

It's your time, now. xxx :D

Nice one Karri! well done:)

Thank you KK. Next time you e-mail can you let them know ;) I would love them to see me now x

Karri, who are them? :confused:

Yaaaay well done Karri!!!

Im so pleased for you *does the happy dance round the room* (not to be confused with the pee pee dance)

:D :D :D

:DExcellent news Karri, i knew you would get their eventually. Stay strong.


Quit Date: 10.2.12

LOL - the eagle flies at dawn :D. Sent you a pm eagle flies! not entirely with you ?:confused: but hey ho! ... Reading ur pm now :)

OMG - I see who the forum favorite is here :D (5 pages of post so far) - lol

I was away for a little vacation last week and didn't see that you had quit until just now. I don't think you need any advice from a Yankee - lol but I'm thrilled that you quit

Wishing you all the best – huge congratulations Karri !!!!

He he, so you finally made it!!! :D

Congrats, it sounds like you hit the right trigger / frame of mind this time. Please stick with it and I'm sure that after a few months it will all be plain sailing.


P.S. The purple tadpoles swim at midnight.


Really pleased for you!

awwwww karri..another yank that is so proud of you!! you are great! always believe in yourself and you will go far!:D

yes karri....i dont come on here much anymore but i still remember all my quit buddies that helped me through some really tough times & im so happy to se you are doing it!! all the best!!

Just back from vacation and saw this wonderful post.

Congrats Karri.

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