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Happy Friday

Happy Friday All

Day 48 and feel good. No real cravings. The office at the moment is full of ill people. Everyone is sneezing and coughing. Surprisingly, although i have felt on occasion i am getting something (odd sneeze here and there) it has not materialised!

I am sure this is due to quitting. While i was a smoker, any hint of a cold in colleagues, It was 110% sure I was next on the germ list!

Good times

Take care all

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Kiss of Death

Well this post was kiss of death!

Have come down with the worst cold i have had in ages!!!!


Anyway, still dont want to smoke so thats something. Right, back to treating the man flu


oh nevermind ben m i went through a stage of being invisible to all the germs but it caught up with me in the end and i got a bad cold but i did find i didnt feel as ill as when i smoked and also i wasnt left with the hacking cough for about two months afterwards take note and keep an eye on your fellow flu people and u will see it takes longer for the smokers to recover from the bugs than the non smokers

get well soon



Ben I too had the worst cold I had had in about 18 months, so bad that my day off work I could not get out of bed!! Though I have to say that it didn't linger like they used to when I was a smoker!! Gave it to hubby a week later and he openly admitted that I was a lot worse than he was!!! Ha Ha flu....I dont think

Keep on with that quit and well done!


I have been quit for 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 9 hours, 47 minutes and 34 seconds (52 days). I have saved £340.64 by not smoking 1,048 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Days, 15 hours and 20 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/01/2012 03:00


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