No Smoking Day

This Friday is going to be a Good Friday

I have hated Fridays since I stopped smoking on January 21st 2007. There is something about Fridays that makes me want to smoke. I suppose its the end of the week, start of the weekend etc etc. The first alcoholic drink of the weekend is a gin and tonic with a cigarette.

This is very negative I hear you say. Yes, you are right, so today I am NOT going to mope around and obsess about what I am missing. After reading several posts this morning and others illnesses, I am elated that I have finally got rid of the worst thing in my life. I must embrace this new life of mine, the one where I can breathe properly, not have an irritating cough, not have to use my inhaler every day, smell fresh all day..........

I hope that everyone else can feel more positive over the next few weeks and get to the same stage as me. Suddenly everything makes sense.


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Great attitude Rubes! It cheered my Friday up already!

I am looking forward to my weekend and Tonight is especially my fave because i treat myself to Red Wine, i really do still love my 'cotes du rhone villages' in fact that does actually taste better to me.

As much as the kids drive me up the wall! i do so enjoy painting, sticking doing origami or playing games with them at the weekends and maybe this week end i may be fit enough for a walk around regents park feed some ducks etc aaahhhh i do love week ends, more so if the sun is shining!

I hope that everyone else can feel more positive over the next few weeks and get to the same stage as me. Suddenly everything makes sense.

Thats a pact! I am going to hold that and make a real concious effort! thanks Ruby x x


This Friday is going to be a Good Friday

Ermmmm No thats definatly next friday!


I can always rely on you two to reply to my threads and make me laugh and feel all warm and happy inside!

I rode 3 miles on my bike last night and most of it was uphill!! I reached the top before my daughter who is only 21 and had never smoked!! Yippee:D

Have you guys noticed how everything tastes so much better now you have stopped smoking?


Cool! you must of felt well chuffed! and rubbed it in to your daughter all night :D hehehehe

Taste is sooooo different! even through this bloody cold! rofl lol its nice also i find smell goes with that too, i smell things differently more enhanced a bit like when i am pregnant. :eek: hope i'm not! lollol hehe no i am not x x

sorry rushing lol got to run get baby girl from nursery x x ttfn


Wines are an acquired taste, sweety darling

One simply must try by swilling and spitting

before deciding whether the wine is for them or not.

there are some superb cheap wines out there,

and indeed some very poor expensive wines

the only answer is to not get too rigid with one wine keep swapping and changing, like shampoos that stop making your hair look bouncy after a while, you need a change :D

Ok sweety darling?

hehe pretentious? moi?


Man, remind me not to take you to a wine tasting convention!!


of for heavens sake your not even called rubby are you

Ruby, please excuse my ridiculousness

Ahhhhhhh and thanks for your lovely post above,,,,,,,,,,,, or is below??

uuummmm not sure now, but you know what i mean :D

Boudee, I think you are drunk!

My bottom or other thing are not sore because I treated myself to a new comfy ladies saddle and some pants that have a massive foam bit there so it's all great!!:rolleyes:


Believe me, you would not want to picture me in all my get up, I look like some crazy woman! My kids can't stop laughing at me (I thought I looked quite good until then!)

Anyhow, everyone will be laughing on the other side of their faces when I am very toned and healthy!

Foam pants are fab:p


that pic you posted looks just like me!


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