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My 2 week experience with Champix

So its been 2 weeks i've been on Chanpix. I thought I would share my experience. Overall, i've had few side effects. Lack of sleep was/has been to main one. Although, have slept amazingly past few nights. No stomach cramps providing tablet is taken with food. No nausea either. I was a 35 a day smoker. My quit day was day 12 but actually ended up as day 13.

Day 1 - 35 cigs

Day 2 - 30 cigs

Day 3 - Day 10. 19-20 cigs

Day 11 - Day 13. 5-6 cigs

By day 13 i hated the taste and the cigs were taking no effect on me.

I find the tablets really blunt the craving to smoke. I've noticed such a difference in taste and smell so quickly even though its been a few days. I am so eager to quit. My concerns going forward are more to do with what will happen as I come off of Champix in say 2 months time. Will I get anxiety attacks/ panic attacks accustommed with Nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

I also found its not necessarily nicotine I crave but actually the 'time pass/break' i get from leaving my desk to have a Cig. I miss this the most.

I find the urge to smoke is highest in the morning. I.e when the Champix has worn off overnight. Once i've popped the tablet i'm okayish till about 6-7pm before the next tablet.

My only worry is anxiety/panic returning once i come off of these tablets.

Otherwise no complaints - brilliant stuff so far and requires about 10/20% will power compared with 100% going 'cold turkey'.

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I used worked a treat for me.Even got a few very seriously good dreams from it :D

I can understand that you worry that coming off tabs will cause you to be ambushed by Nicotine withdrawal Do not worry it doesnt happen,once I finished tabs there were no new craves just clear blue water all the way ahead...Nic addiction medically is quite short lived,a few days;main addiction to overcome is psychological.

Good luck!:D

Max - i follow your posts to the 'T'; you've been very helpful with your quit experience. 2 weeks ago in my original post you mentioned your symptoms/none. Much of which is true. I am hoping when I come of these pills I don't turn into some pyscho killer or start becoming aggresive. I have found that I have become a little snappy than normal. But again i'm trying to contain this emotions (and talk to myseld instead that what I am doing by moving away from the 'killer sticks' is for my benefit). I think 2 weeks of no smoking and on Champix I may look to contact the Doctor and see what he thinks. I just don't want any long term mental issues from this drug.


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I quit using Champix and I did not get craves when I stopped them. It is fair to say they worked for me!

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Know nothing about Champix! But I wish you all the very best in your quit journey.

Fi x

I've just read this post and it's my concern too

Hi Sparkle11 - this post is over 4 years old and the poster and members that replied are no longer on the community and your concern will not be seen on our news feed, for any future concerns or updates, create a new post as will be seen and can get advice or help if needed. I am going to close off replying on this post now :)

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