My 2 week experience with Champix

So its been 2 weeks i've been on Chanpix. I thought I would share my experience. Overall, i've had few side effects. Lack of sleep was/has been to main one. Although, have slept amazingly past few nights. No stomach cramps providing tablet is taken with food. No nausea either. I was a 35 a day smoker. My quit day was day 12 but actually ended up as day 13.

Day 1 - 35 cigs

Day 2 - 30 cigs

Day 3 - Day 10. 19-20 cigs

Day 11 - Day 13. 5-6 cigs

By day 13 i hated the taste and the cigs were taking no effect on me.

I find the tablets really blunt the craving to smoke. I've noticed such a difference in taste and smell so quickly even though its been a few days. I am so eager to quit. My concerns going forward are more to do with what will happen as I come off of Champix in say 2 months time. Will I get anxiety attacks/ panic attacks accustommed with Nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

I also found its not necessarily nicotine I crave but actually the 'time pass/break' i get from leaving my desk to have a Cig. I miss this the most.

I find the urge to smoke is highest in the morning. I.e when the Champix has worn off overnight. Once i've popped the tablet i'm okayish till about 6-7pm before the next tablet.

My only worry is anxiety/panic returning once i come off of these tablets.

Otherwise no complaints - brilliant stuff so far and requires about 10/20% will power compared with 100% going 'cold turkey'.

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  • Hiya

    I used worked a treat for me.Even got a few very seriously good dreams from it :D

    I can understand that you worry that coming off tabs will cause you to be ambushed by Nicotine withdrawal Do not worry it doesnt happen,once I finished tabs there were no new craves just clear blue water all the way ahead...Nic addiction medically is quite short lived,a few days;main addiction to overcome is psychological.

    Good luck!:D

    Max - i follow your posts to the 'T'; you've been very helpful with your quit experience. 2 weeks ago in my original post you mentioned your symptoms/none. Much of which is true. I am hoping when I come of these pills I don't turn into some pyscho killer or start becoming aggresive. I have found that I have become a little snappy than normal. But again i'm trying to contain this emotions (and talk to myseld instead that what I am doing by moving away from the 'killer sticks' is for my benefit). I think 2 weeks of no smoking and on Champix I may look to contact the Doctor and see what he thinks. I just don't want any long term mental issues from this drug.


  • I quit using Champix and I did not get craves when I stopped them. It is fair to say they worked for me!

  • JXP

    Know nothing about Champix! But I wish you all the very best in your quit journey.

    Fi x

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