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No Smoking Day
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hallo everyone i am back

:Dhi all

i missed you all sorry i didnt post in so long we had trouble with our internet, but all is sorted. I have not had a smoke since my drag that i took in dec and have not craved one either. I also found out that i am pregnant about 6 weeks so i feel great this is my first pregnancy so i am a little overwelmed. Anyway just wanted to say hallo and that i am still smoke free and will be staying smoke free for ever. I miss you lots and wish everyone best of luck.

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Thats fantastic news well done Done. a quit baby how lovely.

Mash x


Well done done, done done good!!! (That never gets old :D )

Congrats on your news!!!


That has got to be the best possible reason for staying quit - congratulations. My wife always found it easy not to smoke while she was pregnant - she always thought that it was the hormones kicking in. :)



How lovely, Done! Good to see that all is well! :)


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