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off out running tonight

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today i had a free running check to get advice on which trainers would suit my running all kitted out now with some nice new pink nike trainers [thank u smoking money] and off out wen it gets dark

dont wanna be seen in daylight wobbling down the road lol

have already lost a stone with a change of diet and lots of walking now time to step it up a notch


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Well done boo. What dietary changes did you make? I'm two weeks in, but i think a few pounds have already gone on, so i'll need to jump on it soon.

Nice one, Boo!

I'm pleased to say that I've changed my diet completely -- started eating REALLY healthy (lots of veggies and fruit, and I'm loving it!)

Haven't tackled the jogging yet, but I've started a fair bit of power walking. I've kitted myself out with several: sets of footware for all sorts of weather -- EVEN THE SNOW! :D

And I can't BEGIN to tell anyone who'll listen how much fitter and healthier I feel since I quit!

I can't wait to get on my mountain bike when I get to Lanzarotte for my holidays -- planning on exploring the volcanoes and taking some fantastic photos!

Keep up the fantastic work!

Ooooh get you boo !!

Well done for the motivation, I'm hoping by the time I get to the penthouse my energy levels may have increased sufficiently to partake in some of that erm??? what's it called???.......oh.....excercise !!!

Good on ya, keep the treadmill warmed up for me ;)

thank u all for your comments my diet is based on some info i came across just before xmas

it all seemed to make perfect sense i eat meat once a week now and have cut out all forms of dairy instead drink soya milk


Boo, you're going to be SUCH a hottie!

No but seriously... kudos. I can't and won't run. I hate it. It makes my boobs hurt even if I wear a sports bra and I can't be arsed to start strapping them up and all that nonsense. But I really must start doing something a bit more healthy. Rather too much fruit and nut chocolate in my life just at the moment.

Still, I start rehearsing for another play soon. It's not cardiovascular, but it gets me off the sofa and out of the house on a regular basis, so that's all to the good.

You'll have to post a photo of the new streamlined you soon! Well done Boo, you're amazing.

H x

well done boo!! so proud of ya!! i go on the treadmill 4 times a week and im still not losing weight!!! oh well..ill keep trying! again boo...congrats!

Oooh Booo, I'm very impressed. I'm afraid I'm with Helen - running just isn't my thing. Although it's not my boobs that hurt - it's my, er - what are they called - oh yes, legs. I tried skipping instead, but have discovered that giving up smoking is very bad for your pelvic floor :eek:

oh thanks everybody i just thought if i can quit smoking i can sure lose this puppy fat i seem to have aquired i have been putting in as much effort and self control into this diet and exercise as i did with the quitting new years resolutions seem to be quite successful so decided to make this years to get fit

second night running, 2 miles tonight and ran majority of it tonight a big improvement from last night yee haa


Great stuff Boo! Remember to have a few days off a week though, and don't rush into bigger distances too quickly..

I'm still following up my plan to run a marathon this year, and am really noticing the huge improvements in my times and distance I can run now that my lungs have a bit more capacity!

Hi Boo, do you think i can lose my puppy fat too? I have only had it for 52 years.

lol my puppy fat is reasonably older than a puppy haha

Well done Boo your such an inspiration. iv started using abike but its torture at the moment ,will build up sslowly just like my walking which will soon be skipping and jogging i just dont want to keep still since quitting.

mash x

Well done Boo your such an inspiration. iv started using abike but its torture at the moment ,will build up sslowly just like my walking which will soon be skipping and jogging i just dont want to keep still since quitting.

mash x

well done mash it is torture at the start i remember wen i started walking it was torture but as u build it up and get used to it its fine now i love walking now i am finding the runnung hard but am hoping to fall in love with it as my body adjusts to it i havent run since i was at school so still feel awkward and just going out under the cover of darkness till i build my confidence and dont feel like i wobble lol

at least our new additions are healthy these days


Well done boo! I'm beginning to think that quitting smoking has a hidden benefit of making us more health conscious in the long run (which makes sense I guess).

I got my first ever gym membership over Xmas, but I've not been able to use it for the past four weeks due to this stupid cough-virus-thing. I can't even walk to the train station without hacking my guts up :eek:.

Hels, if your chocolate has fruit and nut in, it counts as healthy IMO!

Oh dear, no posts for week on this thread, has no one been running? lol. It is also the last thing on my mind but unfortunately it has to be done (waistband expanding) for me anyway.

oh yes have been out and can run for longer now and gradually getting lighter yay oh yay since new years day [this years resolution diet] have lost my extra stone i gained since quitting and a further 5lbs ha

bought some jeans today didnt try them on as i had kids with me and i am

really happy that i am going to have to take them back as they are to big

how cool is that they are too big hehehe love it


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