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No Smoking Day
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Day 25 - switching NRT

Hi All, here again! Having a difficult week with my moods but i still dont want to smoke (and im on Day 25). I haven't actually had the cravings yet (if they are to come) to send me thinking about whether to buy smokes or not, so that has to be good.

I have no lozenges left but have the mist. I have to date been using the mist first thing in the morning as the lozeneges take too long first thing to use and i like to have my brekkie first thing lol I also used the mist last saturday when i was out drinking and this worked.

Just wondering if this is a good idea or not, i found i was having about 10 lozenges a day and kept putting off the day i start to wean myself off them hence the reason i have decided to try the mist now as my only nrt. Any suggestions/comments welcomed. I really want to quit for good and happy to prolonge the nrt if it keeps me smoke free long term.

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Morning 9 J :)

Really it is for yourself to judge when you're coming off NRT products. You're using NRT to break the habit of stuffing cigs into your mouth and lighting them.

You mentioned how the mist was very useful to save a possible relapse when out drinking. Maybe you could carry the lozenges/mist and make use of them if or when required. Probably you'll find your reliance on them reduces quite markedly.

The main thing is don't find yourself in a situation were you may relapse because of the absence of the lozenges or mist.


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