No Smoking Day
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Day 25

Think I'm 1st this morning to start the thread.

All great here, although feel like I have a bit of a cold coming on, AGAIN, that's two, in the three weeks I've been quit.

What's going on? Is that another side effect of quitting?

And of course, just what I need before getting on a 4 hour flight on Saturday!

But, this was the first morning, that I haven't had a craving within 10 mins of my feet hitting the floor.

Don't know if it's the snuffly feeling or maybe I'm starting to kick this thing!

Either way it's a positive...

See ya's all later have a good un.:)

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hi im so glad you felling better about the smoking thing youll be ok


Hi annasmummy

Im not feeling too bad today again, i am still having cravings but i can manage with them, they aren`t the beastly ones i was having in the 2nd week lol. Went to see the nurse yesterday so she could give me a new prescription for my patches and she seemed really pleased with my progress :D so if she is, so am i

I think we are all doing brilliantly, and together we will beat this :D


Well I will be keeping the gum handy.

Especially next week on my hols, that will be difficult at times I will definately need the extra support from the gum.

But I think if I get through that week it will give me a massive boost.

Wouldn't even contemplate going through the week cold turkey - wanna enjoy my hols!!!

Just not ready for that yet.


I too dont quite feel ready for cold turkey either. The nurse asked me yesterday if i was ready to drop to the next dose down on the patches and i said id rather stick to the ones im on for now as last week i did have a couple of bad days and i want to be certain im not going to crumble :D

But best of luck to you guys who are doing it :D


Hello team!!

Signing in on this miraculous day 24!!! I keep having to pinch myself today!!

Annasmummy.. a good holiday's what you need!!

Cat... oh yeah - CT all the way for me too!

Mojo - I said "may I punch you?!" 'cause I was bein sarcastic 'cause you said "my I suggest lozonges" and winked!! I did wink after it too! he he!!



I suppose it's all just whatever method you finds works best for you is the one to go for.

I had quit previously for 5 years(I know - how stupid was I ever going back on them again, just shows how once you're addicted, you will always get the odd urge). Anyway I went cold turkey that time, but it was tough, really, really tough, and I don't think I could do it again that way.

I'm using the gum and I'm down to between 3 - 5 pieces a day.

I am going to stay on the gum until I've reached the 3 month mark, but by that time I have planned to have reduced it to 1/2 a piece a day.

Then I'll just go on to orbit or something like that and take it from there.

I'm feeling confident about doing it this way, because I had it all planned out before I had set my quit date, and so everything is pretty much going to plan.

I suppose I know me best, and I honestly couldn't have coped with the double whammy of fighting the physical and psycological affects of the quit at the same time.

To those of you who are going CT - well, well done, I know how tough it is, you are all doing brilliantly well.:D


Annasmummy.. you are dead right doing it the way you feel is right for you - everyone's different.. and even though you say CT is tough - I think it depends on the individual really, as I do agree with Cat in the fact that it is very much more about the mental side of the addiction so as each person has differnt strengths in how they can deal with stuff then each quit method will affect them differently.. does that make sense?

Anyway - here's a fantastic holiday tip for you that I thikn might help for those lazy days relaxing (I'm thinking they're gonna be the hardest - time on your hands!?).. FROZEN GRAPES!! or frozen fruit of anysort! I'm excited to have discovered this very easy and effective way of staving off a crave and keeping the calories down too.. try it! My USA friends all eat 'em and I have to say they are very nice! Weird texture but GOOD!! :D


Ha ha - Ok I won't!! Just this once!! :p

Frozen fruit rocks.. honest! I'm shocked at how nice it is - try it - let me know what ya think of it!! Only if you like fruit in the first place of course!!


Frozen food sounds really nice......but don't think it's for thinks my very sensitive teeth would be crying out for death!!!:eek:


Anyway on a lighter note. Just had a look at long range forecast for Gran Canaria until next wednesday.

sun, sun, sun, sun, sun sun and more sun!!

And temps around the 70 - 75 degrees mark. :cool:


Afternoon all, glad to see we are all still here, I might even go to the pub again tonight :p (joys of being left home alone!)



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