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Not feeling myself at the moment

The last couple of weeks I've felt really down, and it just seems to be getting worse. I seem to have lost interest in a lot of things, and all I want to do is sleep all the time (except when go to bed it takes forever to get to sleep, even then I'd still rather just lie there than do anything).

Basically, I've got all the symptoms of a depressive episode, and I just don't know what to do :confused:. It's almost like my meds have stopped working.

I nearly bought some cigs earlier, because I thought it might bring me out of my mood, and as I don't feel physically any better, it's kinda like 'what's the point?'. I didn't buy any, but I don't feel proud about quitting either. I think that's getting to me too, cos I feel like it should feel like an achievement, but I just feel blank.

Sorry to post such a negative whingy post, I'm just a bit confused and wondering what to do with myself. :(

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Poor Jen, it's horrible to feel that way.

Smoking won't help. I know it feels like it would, but that is your subconscious arsing around with you. 'Last time I was depressed', it's saying 'you fed me cigarettes. Do it again.' But don't listen!!

Instead, I would suggest a trip to the GP. Maybe coming off the nicotene has impacted on the effectiveness of the meds and they need readjusting? Maybe you have a low iron count, or thyroid imbalance or something? Really worth checking it out.

Hope you come out of the doldrums soon. But until you do, feel free to rant and whinge and whine, it's what this place is here for.




Please take note of Helen's post she always seems able to formulate very sound advice.

My thoughts to you are :- You are not allowed to wobble like this are just ahead of me in your quit and I'm following you for inspiration.... you have a responsibility for me Ha. Ha.. If you wobble I will get the shakes too.

Seriously, you know the drill (((...this WILL pass...))) just do not smoke. Smoking will not help and tomorrow will hopefully be better.Pamper yourself now, think happy thoughts and do fit in a visit to the GP asap.:):)


Thanks Helen :)

My OH wants me to go to the docs, I'm just a bit jaded as I seem to be in and out of there like it's my second home, but it never really changes. If it carries on I will though.

I'm keeping on with the not smoking battle, you're right about the subconscious thoughts. I tend to get the 'fatty food and booze will help' thoughts too :rolleyes:.

Sometimes I just wish it didn't feel like walking up the down escalator all the time... (not the quitting per se, just stuff in general).

At least I got a bit of exercise walking into town today, super fast to get away from the mad crowds :)


ps Well done Grumpie on getting to Month 3 Room. I guess I'd best stay wobble-free for your sake :p


Hiya Jen sorry you're feeling so low,

I've had a few bouts of depression since being a teenager and hate that down feeling that starts to descend which you just can't shift. It's very frustrating too as you know what's happening but you just can't shake it. I'd say go to the docs, they may be able to give advise etc on how to shake this funk and may nip it in the bud before the feeling really starts "setting in" and it could get worse. Doing nothing won't change anything. A side effect of giving up the weed is depression so they'll have come across this a lot and are in the best position to advise.

Hope you start to feel better about things soon.

Lisa x

You are doing fab in your quit btw.


Hey Jen - listen to Helen & Lisa..

and you're doing great - in fact we're all doing great



My OH wants me to go to the docs, I'm just a bit jaded as I seem to be in and out of there like it's my second home, but it never really changes. If it carries on I will though.

Personally, I view it as my duty to keep my GP in gainful employment! ;)

If you are in and out of the Doctor's Office all of the time, then maybe your GP ought to be taking a different approach to your health. One of my favourite quotes (I don't know who said it) is...

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got.

You've quit ciggies, and that is a massive step towards doing something different to what you have done in the past! Don't under-estimate your achievement, and have a think about what else can change for the better, with the right kind of support. :)


Hi Jen

You have had all the right advice already, so no need for me to repeat it. Just wanted to say how sorry I was to see that you are feeling low, and to reinforce that we are all here for you - don't go and disappear on us or there will be panic stations!

This is a time to be very gentle and indulgent with yourself - you know that this will pass in time. You just take care in the meantime.



I sorry you going through that. I am feeling a liltte like that. But we both know that smoking wont make things better. All I can offer is a ((hug)).


Thanks everyone, it's really touched me to have all your replies :)

I'm feeling a bit better today, particularly as I'm reading a new book by my fave author. My depression seems to be like this, up and down all the time, so I can literally change from one day to the next :eek:.

The problem I have with my Drs is that they just want me out of there as soon as they can (I have a surgery with multiple Drs, so it's potluck who I get). I'm not very good at telling them how I feel either, perhaps because of that. So I just end up feeling like I'm wasting their time.

Anyway, I'm still on the wagon, and plan to stay that way. It's occurred to me that part of the reason I don't feel physically better is because I perhaps wasn't being noticably affected by smoking (yet). So I should consider myself lucky really that I got out early. Obviously I need to get to the root of what's causing the sinus problems though - it would have been much more pleasing for it to have been caused by smoking, and cured by stopping :rolleyes:.

I'll shut up now and get back to my book...



Your comments about your drs. is very similar to mine, many docs, pot luck as to who you get and the better ones have the longest waiting list etc. The result is no one really takes responsibility (or so it seems) for your problem.

My experience, for what it's worth, is that you need to stand up for YOURSELF-- tell them you are not well, tell them you want help, tell them you want referred, tell them you want another opinion, tell them whatever but make them listen. Make a nuisanse of yourself, go to see them every day, whatever it takes.:rolleyes:

I did this, had to do this !!! got refered to a new spe******t who took me seriously and is now trying to help. Not the same medical problem as you but possibly the same problem with the doc system.

BTW... if you have a spare healthy heart I'll have it ha ha...:)


Wow seems like me and grumpie have the same docs.

My mom has been telling me to change docs for a while now. Like grumpie says, for a while I see the same doctor say 6 months and then as it's a training G.P.s they move on and you then see a different one. If you want to see one of the original doctors (one of two (husband and wife team)) then the waiting list is a week...but when you're in agony then a week seems like a year.

They don't take responsibility for your case or fixing you long term...they just want you out of the doctors room preferably within less time than your allotted 10 minutes...ridiculous. My doctors missed a diagnosis in my 3 year old which would have killed him if left and he ended up needing surgery, they've missed a diagnosis of measles in both my son and husband. I've had to demand to see spe******ts (I don't like demanding anything but they won't do anything otherwise). And if they keep trying to make me have a coil fitted, go on the pill, have a cap, or hormone implant I am gonna bash them!!!! I'm 37 and have one kid I think my family planning arrangement has worked so far don't you?

The stupidest thing one of these transient doctors said when I kept getting infections and was tired all the time "have you considered you might have AIDS?" WTF I said "do you actually read your patient's notes?, do I look like I partake in high risk activities where I'd catch AIDS. I've been with my husband 17 years!". So insulting. I dunno whether to bother moving doctors....are all G.P.'s like this then???????


Hi Jen

Sorry to hear you're feeling low and impressed you haven't succumbed to the horrible nicotine. You know its not the answer, but I can imagine even that doesn't really matter.

I think Grumpie is absolutely right. You have to be demanding with your doctor. Remember you pay their wages. When you walk there... think if it wasn't for you they'd be unemployed!!!

I've had depression. I've taken Seroxat, Fluoxetine, Citalopram...not all at the same time! Sometime the medication just isn't right.

Find the right thing for you Jen. It may be something other than prescriptions drugs...don't stop looking for the thing that makes you feel whole.

Enjoy your new book!



Oh Jen - it was depression (and spots!) which lured me back to smoking on my last attempt so I understand the 'temptation', but know you won't give in :)

Stopping smoking is the very best decision we've EVER MADE to improve our future health, future life - even if there are some of us who can't see or feel the benefits right now.

Meanwhile, be kind to yourself. You've had some great support and advice on this thread already, so I'll just send a cyberhug x


Hi Jen

Sending you a big cyber hug. It is horrible to feel depressed. I've had low days but thankfully only days and convinced myself I was happier when I smoked. Complete rubbish and thankfully other people told me this. Left to my own devices I would have probably gone out and bought some :o. Nicotine is a stimulant and it changes your brain chemistry. Brain does get back to normal (least I hope so!!!) but it takes time, more than 3 months to adapt so maybe this is why your feeling tired and low. I'm not a doc however so like everyone said ask their advice. Funnily enough I've got a sinus problem at the moment as well and have had problems ever since I quit. I think mine originated from an infected wisdom tooth. I've been running backwards and forwards to dentists and doctors for weeks! Ho hum! Better things to come. Pamper yourself Jen and go see doc!!!!


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