No Smoking Day
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It's Awful

I am feeling so rough but the worst the symptoms the happier I am. That sounds so strange but this is all being ingrained in my memory and I will NEVER go back to this again.

Good things first :

I can't believe how quickly I am seeing benefits. My feet and hands are well known for being freezing. I have used the cold hands warm heart saying for years but my hands are all toastie. Noticed that since yesterday my feet have been a really lovely temperature even without socks.

I have always had a cramp like feeling in my calf on the left leg. My left food has always felt a bit funny compared to my right foot which feels normal. The pain was worst when I lay down for long periods but haven't had it at all.

Not breathless at all.

My breath is fresh even when I sleep and wake up

I'm honestly not making this up.

Bad things now :

Been shivering but sweating for a few hours. Seems to have passed now but very thirsty and want to just drink all the time.

Thought about smoking a few times but only in a never going to touch you again way.

Not sure how today will go so if you don't see me don't worry :) Wishing all the best to everyone else on their quits and sorry if I don't give you much support for a few days. Will be thinking of you all :)

Jam - hope you are feeling a little better buddy and on the road to recovery x x

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Well done Karri, keep going, nice to see you feeling so positive about it :)


Well done Karri, not sure whether I want to say 'hope you feel better soon' or not :confused: :)


Well done Karri.

You sound very positive.

I too have noticed that a constant quite severe pain that I have had since having peritonitis several years ago has eased off a bit.(The same happened when I previously quit so I was curious to see if it eased again!)

Really just the pain relief thing is a blessing for me as it can be quite draining - definitely a huge bonus from kicking the fags! :)


Focus on the good things and they'll get you through the bad :)

I'm really happy to find this post and see you trying and doing so well!


Absolutely. Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch onto the affirmative, don't mess with mr in-between!

(If you don't know that song you're going to think I'm weird :) )

Keep going Karri. This is the one.

H x


nice work karri

try to think of it as theres no going back

you can do this :)


Brilliant Karri so glad to hear you are feeling SH1TE its the best way to be at the moment as you well know, if you had recovered quickly you would maybe have though oh its not doing me too much harm I will smoke, you want though not if we have anything to say about it.

I am a bit crap still even considered going quacks as I still struggle in the cough department but will rest today now that my Little Lady Lou Lou has had her stitches out and is feeling grand.

Will catch you later if you are on otherwise tomoz, take care and DONT SMOKE, nah I know you want cause if you do I will feel so let down, hee hee blackmail xx


A strong mind all the way through the next few days the NEVER AGAIN! It will be over


Delighted you're feeling crap my friend, best possible thing for you! And you know I mean that only cos of the smoking, obviously don't really want you feeling rubbish, but if it gets you through the first few days, wonderful.

See a smoke-free Karri when we see you. In the meantime, sleep, eat chocolate and relish the misery:D



Stay focused and determined Karri. Bark at the postman and stock up on the Wall's Vienettas.

Don't let the smokes win and start work on your day 3 post now.



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