No Smoking Day
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9 days

9 days today with no thought of a ciggy, well maybe the odd one now and again, but i have resisted. Managed to have a few glasses of wine while watching the mighty LFC last night and not once did i feel the urge to go out for a quick puff. This was the moment i was dreading a week ago but now im over the moon that i can have a glass of wine and not be reaching for my lighter every half hour!!!!!!!!!!:)

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well done mate keep it up!!!!


Day 9 for me too

My wife and I have just completed day 9 today, but my body is suffering. Have an infected ear, and throat, and when I blow my nose on a morning it is full of blood. So more tablets for me to take from the doc on top of the Champix!!! The last time I took any tablets was just before I went into a nightclub over 10 years ago lol


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