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No Smoking Day
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what can i say? been making giant fags!!!

well i could start by saying hi, then go on to saying how you doing?. or i could do exactly what i set out to do and as usual talk about ME :).

i have had an amazing day today managed half a tin of mac cheese today so portions getting better and whoop whoop managed lumpsish lol. (still craving pork with crackling but i know it will take time).

spent the rest of my day having a blast at work, my colleagues are the best, they pick me up on a bad day and help me when im a bleep.

i spent my fairly good hourly rate making mahoosive ciggies out of sticky backed plastic, wrapping paper tubes and print offs............... bizarre i know but loved it.

it was all in aid of OUR cause and this site! this is all to dress my stall at work in a deprived area of smokers to give up, unfortunatly as part of a certain childrens centre we cannot afford to buy the materials provided by this site as we have NO budget, however in a way im glad as its given me something to do and has made me even more determined to add to our list of non smokers so yay.

i also now as a health trainer am looking into other charities that are health related so have signed up for red shirt day for BHF so got feb and march covered and would just like to ask if anyone knows of others 1 per month pref send me a link please.

never quit quitting

jenni x

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Wow :D thats awesome you should take some pics and put them on here im a newbee but i cant get over how positive the people are on here and the giving of hope and inspiration is gets me buzzing


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