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No Smoking Day
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day 28 - fags can suck it!

Hey folks. So i actualy forgot what day i was on lol which i think is a good thing! Things are improving. the need to constantly eat mints or chew something has gone, I just feel normal now. the thought off 'i miss smoking' comes twice a day but they are getting weaker and not lasting as long. very gradual improvements, but i see how time builds eventually they just go!

Bad side effect is that i cannot use the toilet at all! i am so bunged up that i feel heavy and tired all the time and have to use pharmacy help. My uncle reckons this lasts months! so I just hope its over by my holiday in april, i dont want a bhuddha belly in 30 degree heat thanks! any advice with this one? anyoen have simialr problems? how long did it last?

Anyways well done to all we are all doing fab! xxx

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Im at my witts end with it. I feel so uncomfortable and tired with it! Im having to use pharmaceutical help or it just doesnt happen! Im also worried that im damaging my insides by using laxotives and suppositories just to make room. Its so bad that I have not been physically hungry in days! ah god. I know its only been two week but its really ruining it for me.


You still with it Nikki? Considering the trouble you've had with other quits, 14 days cold turkey (and 28 over all) is some achievement......the rubbish all passes, give it time and keep doing what you're doing ;)


Quitting isn't fun Nikki. It's difficult. It's a very hard thing to do.

Just accept that it's going to be rubbish for a few weeks. The more you accept that it's hard, the easier it is - if that makes sense.

It's not fun, it's not exciting, it's hard. It's a big thing to get off the cigarettes.

As I've said before, the longer you go, the easier it gets, and THEN, you can look back at your hard work and go "you know what, it wasn't always easy, but I'm one of the people that managed it. Good on me. And now, I hardly think of cigarettes at all, and I don't need to keep smoking to make myself feel OK. I just feel OK anyway."

One day at a time Nikki.

Good luck.


I wouldnt dream.of Smoking! Wont solve anything! I would like my body to run by itself without nicotine to promt it! It juat makes you realise what aggravation this all.is though. Worth it im.so happy im.quit! I not even.been depressed this time.because i really want it. I juat dobt like feeling like a telly tubby! Lol.and yes i take the mock thread would be theraputoc! Xx


It does pass, i remember it well. I was told it was a sign of the body healing and going back to how it should be. dont worry it will all be a smooth passage soon



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