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Day 1

OK, so I'm at day 1 again for what the third time this year already!!! I know pretty pathetic but I'm determined to keep trying!!! Last attempt I lasted two weeks and one day, but then had my sisters engagement party and gave in!!!

The majority of me really wants to quit, I'm sick of being a slave to the durries, but then a little bit of me wants to continue to smoke, the problem is when I'm really hanging for one that little bit of me seems to become a whole lot bigger!!! I know its just me trying to trick myself into have a fag, but I often give in to it, hence I'm already on my third quit attempt of the year!!!

I'm on the patches, they seem to take the edge off but I always seem to struggle at the two week mark, maybe I just get cocky and think I can just have one, or some for just one night. I know I can't do that but I continue to convince myself I can.

I've smoked about 20-25 a day for the past 15 years - that looks horrible when I see it written there - wow that's appox 109,500 ciggies I've smoked!! My poor body.

Hopefully this time is the last time.

Sorry to ramble on.

Goodluck to everyone else on their quits

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It may be your 3rd attempt but you are still trying which means you really must want to do it.

I really enjoyed smoking if Im honest and didn't even want to stop but I got really really ill and could not even get a full lung of air it scared the holy poop out of me. I ended up in hospital having to have x rays and stuff cause it was so bad that was my turning point.

I dont want to die cause I stuck a cigarette in my mouth, from that day on I have not lit up a single one and today I hit day 444 saved well over £2000 and best of all feel fantastic.

Everytime I wanted to light up in the early days I made myself remember how ill I was and that was enough to stop me.

Wishing you lots of luck in your quit. Read as much as you can about what you ae going through and it will help you.


Hello Vic, never give up giving up as the saying goes, it's working for me, I'm on my 4th and up till now the most successful as well in the middle of week 3, so you keep going and take it a day at a time as thats really all we all can do but please stick at it. ;)


Hey Vic. Well done for continuing to try to give up - and well done for giving up on giving up...;)

It seems to me that you need some sort of ammunition against the thoughts of 'I'll just have the one'. I know what those thoughts are like - all seems so reasonable doesn't it?

We all know that cigarettes have over 4,000 poisons in them but it doesn't always seem to click just what it is we're doing to ourselves. One way I found helped when the 'just have one' voice was getting a bit strong was to imagine I could see all the poisons in the smoke, and imagining how those poisons must taste. I would try to see those poisons travelling through my body and what they were doing to my cells. And I would ask myself - would I voluntarily step into a death chamber and breath in some of that gas? Would I go to the corner shop and deliberatly buy some arsenic and breath it in and go 'ahhh - that's good'? Well - no, I wouldn't. So why do I want a cigarette? It worked for me and still does when I get a bad craving. I did have blip in December but that ONE cigarette actually tasted exactly how you would expect a burning stick of poison to taste - revolting. So you kind of need to try and build up a revulsion to smoking to help you through those bad craves. And remember - the craves themselves don't last much longer that a couple of minutes - it just seems longer at the time.

I smoked 15 - 20 cigs a day for 25 years so it's not easy....but seriously worth while.

Everyone has their own method - it's just about keeping on trying and eventually you'll find the one that suits you.

I think people who keep on trying to give up are really brave - this is my first quit and if I started smoking again, I really don't think I could quit again....I think it shows just how badly you want to stop. Good luck - I am sure you will succeed!




Thanks for your support guys!!! It actually really helps me. Well I managed to get through day 1. Congrats to you all on your quits, keep at it!!!


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