Week 3 For Me

Hello everyone, yes my grouchy ass has kanded in week 3, well I'm not normally grouchy just the other day and earlier on due to super cravings but soon gone :) A bit strange, seems like I've got to pinch myself that I'm at week 3 already but also seemed to have dragged in the process aswell, anyway so made up to get here I'm already targeting week 4, I've read quite a bit about this week and it's supossed to have a bit of an attitude, well it can have an attitude all it wants as mine to succeed in giving up i stronger than it ;) hope alls ok and their quits going well, grouchy cravings earlier but ok now, STILL eating out of a pig trough :) chest is starting to ease up a bit but the last time that happend it went back even tighter so we'll have to see on that one.

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  • Nowt wrong with a bit of grouch,

    Weak 3 only for the strong keep it up

  • Flippin well done, you seem pretty strong minded and I think that's whats required at week three. I'm at the same stage and actually strong but also slightly loopy. Had a bit of a wobble in the shop yesterday and ended up telling the poor confused lad serving me 'if I ask you for cigs please refuse to serve me, I'm trying to quit' I mean what an idiot. It worked though, today is day18 for me.

  • It's only as tough as you make it yourself. You're already in week 3, and there's a LOT of people that don't make it this far.. Keep up and stay on your guard!

  • Righty Ho, day 2 of week 3 and it's not so bad at all although know things can change, in fact if anything i feel better quite good, cravings are very low hungers still there but not as much, dry throat but thats more or less been with me since day 1 of week 1, feeling quite good :)

  • Day 4 of week 3 for me and im feeling good apart from the chest has gone really tight, cravings are small and easily to deal with, the main test is this week ending, on fri, sat, sun and mon I'm on a celebration type of drinking binge, if i can get through all that with out smoking im fairly confident that I would never smoke again although i do have concerns after a few beers this time as a lot smoke there will be cigs offered to me I'll see what happens.

  • Sounds like things ok so good.

    The weekend beers sounds a tricky one but guess its just another hurdle/obstacle to overcome and next time around wont be as much of a stress.

    There is going to be lots of similar hurdles in the days/weeks to come so hopefully all can keep jumping.

    I just keep thinking how bad it will feel to let this lot slip.

  • Yeh mate it's all sent to test us so to speak and there will be times as you say just that this is heavy one and could have done with it being a nit lighter but in at the deep end i surpose lol, yeh been feeling quite good, the off days seem to be getting less although it's still early into the quit, feel a lot lot better but don't fel right at all but thats prob me expecting the body to heal 25yrs in 3 and a arf weeks.

  • Hey your doing great! You quit like 4 days before me...I am on your heels! I have those grouchy days too... Today is day 14. Starting week 3! We CAN DO THIS!!!!

  • Hey you, well done! :)

  • Week 3... means were going into 1 month!!!! Can't wait! I will support you and keep you in mind as WE both endure! I love this freedom most of all!

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