No Smoking Day
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Look at me - on week 3!!

Well well well - who would have thought it eh?. Me, the commited smoker and champion of the works smoking shed is on day 15 without a cig.

I find it difficult to atricuate how i feel about all of this, it is so massive to me that it almost doesnt feel real? it feels like this should be happening to someone else, not stinky faggy mug slave boy me... who only a couple of weeks ago was wearing his smoking stripes with a defeatest attitude and a miserable acceptance that i will indeed, always be a smoker.

Instead, here i am smoke free and delighted with myself. I dont think i have ever felt as much pride in myself as i do right now, sitting here typing this.

Sysmpton news:

None. its all gravy.

Have a great Monday my beauties and good luck

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I really hate to say " I told you so"...but I told you so!! I had faith. You've done brilliantly and you should be so proud of yourself. You've done something great.xx:)


Well done magic your doing fab :)


Well done Magic. Your enthusiasm is joyful to read.

Keep it up


Early next month I will have been a non-smoker for just five months.........yet already I have almost forgotten the excitement, the total pride and thrill that oozes, drips, pours, shines out of this post of yours. This post has me smiling from ear to ear....both with happiness for you Magic.....and with the thrill of that treasured, nearly forgotten memory, of just what a fantastic thing we are all doing here. I thank and congratulate you in equal measure sir. Bloody well done.

Big love from stinky faggy mug slave girl (as was) :D


Thanks - it's a just sooooo immense. Look at what we are doing?! I could stand atop the shard and scream im so chuffed.....


Hooray!!!! Sooooooper pleased for you! Amazing well dones and congrats on your 3rd week. You've been massively strong when you could have caved in at times. A sooperdooper fella, and you smell good too! Way to go! X


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