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day 13.. feeling grim :-(

Hi, ive just joined and its great to read other peoples stories. also very proud to be on day 13. So far i have been quite lucky had a terrible cough the first week. today however, has been awful. i feel sad, angry, tearful, etc etc and im unsure why. im also finding bleeding gums disgusting to deal with.. rant over.. :)

well done everybody x

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Q: Are you doing cold turkey? Using anything to relieve some symptoms?

Just wondering. Wishing you the best of course!


hi, im going cold turkey.. not having anything for the symptoms as they only became bad today

thanks for asking though. :-)


Good luck bex :)


Hey Bex

I'm about where you are and also angry, tearful etc... Don't worry to much, take it an hour at a time and try to keep busy, it will pass I'm sure of that x



Awww Bex sorry to hear you've feeeling crappy. You have made the best decision for your body though and in the long run you will feel amazing. Life is so much better without cigarettes. I just wanted to tell you really is all that you think it don't smell anymore, you can breathe/exercise better, you're not antisocial and embarrassed anymore, your breath doesn't stink, you have more money in your pockets etc etc.

Much more positive things than the reverse if you carried on smoking. The bleeding gums will subside as smoking restricted the blood supply to our gums. I would go to the dentist just to get checked over though as it could also be a symptom of gum disease...your teeth might just need a thorough cleaning. The emotional side of things do settle down as well, I remember crying at the simplest things....I still do but no way near as often and could be down to other things (pesky monthly hormones).

So it does get better, stay with us and yes it is worth it and more.

Lisa x


Day 13

Hi bex

I am on day 19 and was at your stage not too long ago,well in fact just a few days ago although it seems like a lifetime ago.

I am also doing cold turkey,well its myself and my husband both doing cold turkey, I would just like to say that it is ok to feel tearful and angry and sad and

anything else that your body is going through,just bear in mind that we are addicts and we are going through withdrawls.

Like somebody said to me,if it was easy everyone would do it!!

Stay positive,drink plenty of water,chew gum,go for a walk, keep as busy as you can, it will get easier!

Good luck





Thank you so much everybody..

Your positive messages really gave me the boost I needed as I head into week 3. So glad its normal too feel this.

Good luck to all & thankyou again

Bex xxx


OK Day 13 for me. No patch yesterday or today.

I do not wear a patch when I sleep..I awaken with the jitters!

NOT good at far..I seem to be moody like....back ache...

I would guess this is normal. I am right here with you ....yup...

waiting for this day to go by for sure! :eek:


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