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day 13... feeling ok but hubby is in for it lol

day 13 on CT and apart from wanting to strangle hubby... all is well, the strangling is coming from the fact that hubby is lazy, scruffy, drops clothes where they land, leaves every thing laying round, expects me to clean up after him, iron etc etc....( not forgetting I have pleurisy ) rarrrrrhhhhhh.... dirty scruffy man...... ok rant over now

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Go for it gal, so why are you not in bed and why are you even considering doing any of this for your self and definately not for him, GET TO BED THIS MINUTE and no its not an option to refuse GO NOW.

And as for moaning you can do that as much as you want so long as you stay smoke free, and if worst comes to the worst divorcve him cause he needs a bolt up the jacksy LOL take care of yourself, hugs and xxx from all of us cause you sound like you need it.


Slow down

Now ladies lets not get carried away - if you are going to bed - and to be honest that is over rated - you will need to make hubby his roast dinner before you go............................and then there is the washing up to consider - it won't do itself you know!!

No need to thank me for my forthought!! ;)


Better to take some deep breaths and tell him that you feel ill and need to rest but that if your home is messy and untidy this plays on your mind and makes you feel worse.

Ask him to spend an hour tidying now and to make a commitment to pick up after himself. Sounds silly, but if you dont do it this way you will scream at him and he will be absolutely mystified- they are not like us, they think differently. If you tell him clearly in the here and now what you want him to do, he will probably do it and if this all sounds way too civilised for how you are feeling, you can preface it with "if you ever want to have sex with me again", or if you can be subtle- " I would love to have sex with you tonight but...". Last one is usually a winner.:D


And all Sandy says I will second, thanks John for you feminine side being on our side grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LOL


See what you get for trying to be helpful!! LOL

Now as a final suggestion and only because I like you ladies, and therefore wish to minimise any stress that might be are you ready for this..........................................its a classic................................right then here goes, why don't you spend the money saved from not smoking on a house keeper.......................genius!!!

Again no need to thank me, and remember this kind of advice just can't be bought you know!!!



You obviously like hospital food john, what you say girls LOL


oh dear... did I actally do at I am a total flake.....

Ok so Hubby is a lazy lazy lazy.etc so I in my rage says ' ok where are your cigs ( bear in mind he gave up too ) so he goes I dont know do you have any? my reply... no I bloody dont I suggest you get me some RIGHT now... He goes 'look love its been two weeks, you dont need it' my response ' I KNOW you have cigs' then I storm upstairs and iron the life out of his work shirt muttering all the time. A little voice calls up the stairs ' I found two in my car' I storm downstairs angry as hell... Then well then I am not even going into the whole extended family etc etc but we get a phone call and I am getting angrier and angrier. I grab his fags storm outside light the fag put it in my mouth and cough cough cough and then cough before flinging the evil thing on the floor and storming back in... I call my mum she is the total voice of normality - oblivious to the drama that has been going on she fills me in on the internal goings on of doris from number 37, the man in the next roads colostomy and my aunties, cousins, neighbours hamsters mouse amputation...making me feel a whole lots calmer.

Ok didnt actually smoke the cig... but why oh why after all this time did I almost cave in...I feel so much like I have failed


Well done

Sweetheart, you put it out, you havent failed. I am intrigued by the 2 in the car thing- think youve got yourself a secret smoker there? You two need to have a proper talk.


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