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Is anyone finding it difficult not to be annoying ex smoker

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I know i am. Just want to scream at some people GIVE UP!!!

But that would make me a hypocrit I guess

hope you are all well lovely non-smoking people

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Hi tropical hun in answer to your question i love being an annoying, smug ex-smoker but thats my job lol.

i do know what you mean though just remember its them with the problem and noone can make them quit and also we are no longer part of that problem, so basically i will help anyone who ffeels its the time but will very very quietly mumble give up stinky to those not ready lol. it took me 20yrs to realise.

good to see a few of us oct quits graduate through xmas, new year and nearing 3 months quit!!!!

jenni x

oh yes its very hard to not be an annoying ex smoker i bite my tongue often but if the smokers at work start going on at me saying bet u want a cigarette, bet you miss sitting with us etc then i have to say wat i feel and tell them they smell and are slaves and i no longer want to be like them etc

i quite like the moral high ground


I dont say anything to anyone i know that smokes

Each to there own at the end of the day i dont judge

Plus over the last 10 years or so i had a few family that had quit because of healthprobs and alot of pressure from there family who everytime i saw them they used to nag and tell me i should stop which used to pee me of big time:mad:

But when i meet up with my smoking family/friends they all are apolygetic almost and act very sheepish when they go out for a ciggie :confused:

Jenni - you are quite right. You can't say matter how much want to :(

Oh God, No!!! I swore to myself that if I ever quit, I would NEVER be one of those holier than thou ex-smokers. You know......the ones who say it's easy...just do it...if I can then you can, etc.

I think I've succeeded. When I see smokers, I pity them. If someone asks how I quit, I will gladly give advice or tell of my experience, but only if they ask.

i actually cant wait to be an annoying smug ex smoker ,, but after only 8 days of non smoking i may be jumping the gun presently ...........

ill stick to mild tutting as i just did when leaving a shop where there was a small crowd chuffing away in the doorway. even as a smoker that always irritated me :mad:

i never say anything to smokers.....unless im asked about my quit!:D

I had to donate a Niquitin Mini to a smoker during a very long meeting today. I just said thank god I don't have to bobble my way through these things anymore , dying for a smoke and losing concentration. He was almost begging me to close the meeting so he could have a fag so I threw him the packet and said "ere ave one of these and shut up" to be fair he said it did the trick though;). I'm an evil ex smoker heehee!!

Quick thinking solution Pip :)

Possibly through that direct experience the smoker will now be aware that there is an alternative to smoking.

Power to your evilness :D

Snus does and now i found out about it i haven't become an annoying ex-smoker.

I would ask for a second opinion on that:D.

I was an annoying ex-smoker when i was on any form of NRT. I think it's because the NRT doesn't contain the MAOI alkaloids that you find in tobacco. Snus does and now i found out about it i haven't become an annoying ex-smoker.

You haven't become an annoying ex-smoker that's true, you've become an annoying spammer! :mad:

SNUS = Swedish Noob U Suck!

Uck Foff and spam somewhere else.

Hee hee, see I knew I picked a good mentor :D

Nope, not at all. I'm happy in what I am doing. Seems to me like you are suffering from lack of sales :rolleyes:

Hmm... sounds like you guys are suffering from an acute case of sour grapes.

Sour grapes? Yeh right!

I quit cold turkey without SNUS or anything else thanks!

The sale of SNUS is illegal in almost all of the EU so stop trying to promote it thanks.

I am not promoting it. If you feel me talking about it promotes to you then that's not my problem. I just speak as i find it.

And i am perfectly within the law to own snus and i would be able to grow and prepare it too i imagine should i so wish.

In almost every post you have mentioned it. We got it the first time. It's illegal to buy and sell in almost all of the EU.

When you keep going on and on about a product it comes across as spam.

Okay well rest assured it's not spam - ok?

And by the way, the most important point you neglected to mention is that it's completely legal to own it!

But if it's illegal to buy and sell it, how can you own it?

Grow your own?

Get real!

So, any comment on this post...

Yes, i raised a hypothetical question.

For what purpose?

You haven't quit smoking for a year using SNUS so what point were you attempting to make?

I was raising a question which you failed to answer.

I will repeat, you HAVEN'T quit smoking using that product for a year so what's your point?

Whatever you say would be supposition because you haven't done it have you.

What point were you going to try and make?

You actually asked me the question, not Capitan, and I did reply. Go back snd read it.

I think you either very clever or very insensitive. If you are a true quitter then stop winding people up.

My point is, quitting smoking doesn't need to be painful. It can be easy if you want it to be.

And you base that assumption on a 1 day quit using the product for 1 day!

Go away.

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