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Calling all asthmatic ex-smokers

Hi all,

I've currently been quit for three weeks now and used to smoke a pack (20) a day for a year (more so nine months.)

I quit for the benefit of my family, but also for my own health.

Just to ask, when did people who quit with asthma realise any improvement in their asthma?

So far mine seems considerably worse?

Thanks in advance for any information

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Hi CK!

First of all, welcome to the forum!

From memory, I didn't notice any real improvement in my breathing until after about a month of quitting. In the first month it was like I had a constant "cold", I was coughing up "rubbish" from my lungs and wondered like you when it would improve. Rest assured, it does get better! I guess it takes a while for the lungs re-adjust and for the cilia to get their act together.

Hope that helps.


Yep, me, I have asthma.

And absolutely I have noticed a difference. I hardly use my inhaler these days, when I smoked it was my constant companion. I coughed constantly, would wake up coughing every single day - no more, all gone.

It took a few weeks - your lungs do need time to clear themselves out and readjust, but if you don't notice an improvement soon I'd be very surprised.

Keep going! You're doing great.



Encouragement from another ex-wheezer here too. Asthmatic since childhood, but sadly it never stopped me smoking at least 20 a day for 30 odd years.

I quit 8 months ago and these days I hardly use my inhaler at all. As a smoker, I used it daily. First thing in the morning each and every day, and I never left home without it either ... But now - well, the difference is amazing.

Hang on in there - a whole new world of REAL breathing is just around the corner. And it is soooooooo worth it.



Me, I'm asthmatic... i've noticed a huge improvement almost immediately, i haven't had to use my inhaler once since i've stopped, before I was using it almost daily. No cough, no gunk (very dry throat and ulcers) but fine in the chest area... it's the head cold that's killing me!

Keep going, for me the feeling rough is what is going to stop me from going back because truthfully I never want to feel this unwell again!!!

Good Luck xx


I have only just quit smoking, but one of my goals is to cut down on the inhalers I have. I have the blue one, brown one and a green one. The green one is a recent addition due to smoking and bronchitus. I used to only have the blue one, which i had to use occasionally - but as soon as i started smoking the others gradually came into play.

I would love to go back to one pump only, and cancel my pre payment prescription card.


Yes, I have asthma.

Since I stopped smoking my almost constant cough has disappeared. I hardly have used my blue inhaler and my peak flow reading has risen by 50%....yes 50%!! I was amazed at the difference in my cough in just 4 days, but the peak flow improvement after just 3 weeks is astounding I think.

Keep on keeping off , it's worth it.


Hi Karri. It was 220 before stopping and is now 350. Amazing eh? x


Hi Karri,

It's one of the things I am most chuffed about, and one of the things I am most ashamed about at the same time.

Smoking Grrrrrr. Someone tell me one nice thing about it????


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