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Am I a sanctimonious ex-smoker now

I always swore I would never be that holier than thou ex-smoker but, the OH took his chain smoking mother to the hairdressers yesterday, she had to go 3 hours without a fag and as it was raining when he picked her up her let her smoke in our car :mad: The car stank. What really bothers me is that he used to complain if I smoked in the car, but because it's his mother and she can't usually go more than ten minutes without a fag, he let her smoke. When I smoked I wouldn't have dreamt of smoking in a non-smokers car, regardless of whether they used to smoke or what. So am I really expecting too much now, or should I try to more tolerant of her. This is the same woman who can't walk further than the end of her garden normally as she can't catch her breath by the way? Grrrrr :mad:

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Nope, that's just rude!!

If I'm a smoker or not, if anyone tries to smoke in my car they get kicked out. :mad::mad:


I've been sitting here trying to remember the last time I smoked in anyone's car be they smoker or non smoker. I think it was over a decade ago!

I would rather have been rained on to be honest. Stick a brolly in your car for just such occasions Jen. There's no excuse then :)


Count me in, Jenn. If she was that desperate, couldn't she have had one before she got into the car and then had another one when she got out? I think it was very inconsiderate, disrespectful and rude of her. I never even smoked in my own car and wouldn't have dreamt of doing it in someone else's.

Men and their mothers.......we seem to be unable to match up to these (supposed) paragons of virtue, don't we? :mad: :rolleyes:

But you do have the moral high ground re the fags..........enjoy it, and know that we are enjoying it with you. You can count on us!:D :D




Yeah bit naughty that, I would have had to have been blo*dy thick-skinned to have smoked in a non-smokers' car, I couldn't have done that in the old days.....lack of common courtesy for me, nothing sanctimonious about Dad smokes, when they visited a few months ago he smoked outside, he wouldn't have dreamed of smoking in the house to be fair to him, but a car, that's much more confined. Glad I wasn't him when you got him home :eek:


No, you are not expecting enough from her.

My Girlfriend's Mother came to stay with us after our baby was born, and she is from the south where it's warmer than it is here. Well one night I asked if she wanted a drink of something and she said that she couldn't or else she would end up smoking in the house because she couldn't be bothered to step outside in the cold. Well, I knew that her drinking was inevitable (a story for a different forum) and I just told her that if she smokes a cigarette in my house then it will be the last night she stays with us. Needless to say she stepped outside whenever she felt the need to smoke.

It's not too late to set up your boundaries. I hope she doesn't fight you on it, but you deserve to have your space respected after doing what is best for yourself.


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